Suffrage-Era Whip Cane
Suffrage-Era Whip Cane Suffrage-Era Whip Cane Suffrage-Era Whip Cane
Suffrage-Era Whip Cane
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Suffrage-Era Whip Cane

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A fascinating historical relic, this discreet cane actually contains an intriguing surprise. Most likely used during the turn of the 20th century, "whipping canes" such as this were commonly seen at the height of the Suffrage Movement to punish men who inflicted harm upon women, known commonly as "wife beaters." Various newspaper reports, and even a public recommendation by President Roosevelt, called for the introduction of the "whipping post" for men committing violent acts against women. Many cities around the country instituted such corporal punishments using devices such as this incredible walking stick. This cane contains five metal whips, each tipped with lead, hidden inside the unassuming stick.

Circa 1900

35 3/4" length
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Weapons
Material: Wood
Length: 35 3/4 Inches
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