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Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
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  • Barbedienne Gilt Bronze Candelabra
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    This rare and dramatic pair of Napoleon III gilt bronze candelabra were expertly cast and designed by the celebrated French bronzeur Ferdinand Barbedienne. Masterfully crafted, the candelabra are exemplary of the Rococo aesthetic.
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  • Heart-Shaped Diamond and Sapphire Bypass Ring
    2 / 8
    Two remarkably rare heart-shaped diamonds intersect in this eye-catching bypass ring. Weighing 1.51 carats and 1.50 carats, each diamond is accompanied by an array of additional stones.
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  • Louis XV-Style French Secrétaire by Henry Dasson
    3 / 8
    Matchless style and exceptional craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Henry Dasson's work, and this secrétaire is a stunning example of this master artisan's skill.
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  • Golfa Rola Golf Ball Vendor Slot Machine by Jennings
    4 / 8
    This Golfa Rola upright golf ball vendor slot machine is an exceptionally rare piece of vintage Americana by O.D. Jennings & Company of Chicago. The 25-cent slot is in impeccable condition, complete with its original glass display front that depicts two golfers on the green.
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  • Gübelin Turtle Mystery Water Clock
    5 / 8
    One of the rarest and most sought-after of the great mystery clocks, the Gübelin turtle mystery water clock is a true wonder of horology. This timepiece was created during the Art Deco era and features a charming turtle that, when the basin is filled with water, floats upon the surface.
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  • Fancy Very Light Blue Diamond Ring, 2.36 Carats
    6 / 8
    A rare 2.36-carat fancy very light blue diamond captivates the eye in this enchanting ring. Diamonds with a blue hue are among the most coveted of all colored diamonds, prized for both their rarity and beauty.
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  • Jennings Victoria Golf Ball Vendor Slot Machine
    7 / 8
    This exceptionally rare Victoria golf ball vendor slot machine was the first one ever produced and is the only one of its kind known to still exist. Crafted during the age of prohibition when gambling was illegal, this machine was cleverly re-designed to pay out in golf balls rather than money.
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  • Louis XV-Period Gilt Mirror
    8 / 8
    Commanding in size and artistry, this rare Louis XV-period gilt mirror is a tour-de-force of the era's highly ornamental, yet elegant style. The golden frame features sweeping, heavy scrolls and acanthus with floral and shell details that surround the expansive mirror.
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Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Dragonfly
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Fancy Very Light Blue Diamond Ring, 2.36 Carats
Multi-Colored Diamond Ring, 2.56 Carats
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