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Vice & Virtue
Vice & Virtue
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  • Antoine Bouvard
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    The legendary Grand Canal of Venice is illuminated beneath the evening sun in this oil on canvas by French artist Antoine Bouvard.
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  • Exquisite Ètuis
    2 / 8
    Sublime artistry elevates these exquisite gold étuis to true works of art.
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  • Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau
    3 / 8
    Composed by the French painter Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau, this work embodies the artist's popular genre paintings that captured the mischievous, playful nature of his subjects.
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  • George II Silver Epergne by Thomas Gilpin
    4 / 8
    Renowned 18th-century English silversmith Thomas Gilpin, regarded as one of the great Rococo silversmiths and a contemporary of Paul de Lamerie, created this highly important silver epergne.
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  • Swiss Automata Cylinder Music Box
    5 / 8
    This phenomenal and rare Swiss cylinder music box is a highly collectible piece of musical and artistic history. Comprising a single cylinder, a drum, eight bells and a castanet, the music box plays ten popular airs, which are listed inside the lid.
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  • John Schaeffer Minute Repeater Watch by Audemars Piguet
    6 / 8
    This rare minute repeater watch by the famed Swiss firm of Audemars Piguet hails from the watchmakers' highly celebrated John Schaeffer line of watches. The iconic cushion-shaped collection was named for the American industrialist John Schaeffer, who commissioned the firm for a customized and unique timepiece in 1909.
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  • Micromosaic Plaque of Ruins at Tivoli
    7 / 8
    This exceptional Italian micromosaic plaque depicts a highly detailed scene of the waterfalls and Temple of Vesta at Tivoli in Rome. Though at first glance it may appear to be a painting, this mosaic is composed of hundreds of tiny glass and ceramic tiles, each piece perfectly matched for color, size, and placement.
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  • John Emms, Anticipation
    8 / 8
    British painter John Emms explores the personalities of his canine subjects in this exceptional oil on canvas. Emms is best known for his portrayal of foxhounds and terriers, and this painting that captures both breeds shows him at his best.
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Vice and Virtue
Vice and Virtue
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Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring, 3.91 Carats
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