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  • 19th-Century French Bedroom Suite
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    Exceptional carving, beautiful Bombay design and the inclusion of a very rare full king-size bed make this 19th-century French bedroom suite is one of the finest ever crafted.
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  • Gold and Diamond Victorian Snake Bracelet
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    This Victorian hand-woven 18K yellow gold bracelet perfectly simulates the scaly skin of the captivating reptile, which is set with ruby eyes and crowned by a 2.00-carat diamond. It comes complete nestled in its custom, blue velvet case.
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  • Dutch Apothecary's Gaper
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    This 18th-century pharmacy “gaper” represents a fascinating Dutch folk art tradition that spans over four centuries. These wide-mouthed figures were once the favored trade symbol of the apothecary, druggist or chemist, and were hung outside one's shop to indicate that medicines could be purchased within.
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  • Musical Gold Fob Seals
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    These exceptionally rare gold fob seals double as charming music boxes.
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  • French Sewing Nécessaire
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    The delicate artistry of this late 18th-century French sewing nécessaire matches the intricate work for which it was made. A pair of scissors, bodkin, thimble, needle case and perfume bottle are all contained within the original red morocco leather case.
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  • H. Claude Pissarro
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    This monumental original oil on canvas embodies the contemporary style of Pissarro’s mature output, which pushes the boundaries of modern art by bridging the tradition of landscape painting with bold abstraction.
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