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Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell
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  • Silver and Mother-of-Pearl Flatware Service
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    Displaying the incredible artistry of the official cutlery to her Majesty, Queen Victoria, this stunning silver and mother-of-pearl flatware service was crafted by the Sheffield firm of Harrison Brothers & Howson. Each of the 250 sumptuous pieces is distinguished by the majestic mother-of-pearl handles.
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  • Rare Colored Diamonds and Jewels
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    An extraordinary collection of rare colored diamonds, exquisite gemstones and important creations by Cartier, Buccellati and Patek Philippe.
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  • Georges Rochegrosse, Marie Rochegrosse dans la Salle à Manger
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    A wealth of detail and color come together in this extraordinary and monumental portrait by the French Orientalist painter Georges Rochegrosse. The scene captures the artist’s wife, Marie, in a room that is a feast for the senses, from the curio of Chinese pottery to the tabletop of glistening silver.
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  • Rare wood specimen Tilt-Top Table
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    Fifty varieties of luxurious wood form the surface of this extraordinary English veneer sample table. Each specimen is inlaid into a stunning mirrored medallion design that beautifully displays its unique coloring and grain, while inlaid brass lettering on the outer edge identifies each piece.
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  • Pietre Dure of Architettura by Giuseppe Zocchi
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    Richly hued and imaginatively conceived, this Florentine plaque is an extraordinary example of the ancient art of Pietre Dure. The scene is composed entirely of meticulously cut semiprecious stones, which are carefully fit together and set in slate to create the scene.
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Tsar Nicholas II's Winter Palace Armoire
This monumental armoire was
specially crafted for the last Tsar of Russia
Tsar Nicholas II's Winter Palace Armoire


Summers Luminous Beauty Secret
Summer's Luminous
Beauty Secret
Rare Tea Time Treasures
Rare Tea Time
Bernard Buffet
Bernard Buffet
Emotion Over Realism
The Georgian Collection of Antiques
The Georgian Collection
For more than a century, a King George sat on the British throne. It was an era of innovation and growth, paving the way for some of the finest artists and craftsmen the world has ever known.
Aspen Antiques, Jewelry, Automobiles and Fine Arts Fair
Aspen Antiques, Jewelry, Automobiles & Fine Arts Fair
July 1-9, 2017
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David Webb Leopard Brooch
 On the Wild Side
David Webb
Made for Walking Rare and Important Canes
Made for Walking
Rare & Important Canes
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Salamander Art Glass Vases by Auguste Jean
 Art Deco Gold Pocket Watch by Patek Philippe
Deux Nymphes Surprises par un Cavalier by Paul Ranson
Amethyst, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Napoléon Figural Pereat Chamber Pot
 German Silver Gilt Singing Bird Box
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