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Summer Jewelry
Summer Jewelry
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  • Burma Pigeon-Blood Ruby And Diamond Ring
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    The amazing 3.16-carat Burma ruby in this phenomenal ring possesses the prized "pigeon blood" red coloration that is so desired in these rare jewels.
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  • Art Nouveau Silver-Clad Perfume Bottle
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    This resplendent Art Nouveau-era red glass perfume bottle is covered in pierced sterling silver in the form of elegant flowers.
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  • George III Marble And Blue John Dolphin Tazza
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    This important George III tazza is attributed to famed Scottish-Swedish architect Sir William Chambers. The magnificent piece features a base carved from statuary marble in the shape of a stylized dolphin, which relates to Chambers extraordinary 18th-century architectural designs.
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  • Ondine By Marcel-Béronneau
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    Mystical and mysterious, a mythological Ondine rests beside an ethereal forest pond in this majestic, original oil on canvas by French Symbolist Pierre-Amédée Marcel-Béronneau.
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  • Antique Moses Cameo Brooch
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    The legendary Michelangelo's Moses is meticulously recreated in this 19th-century cameo brooch.
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  • Pink And White Diamond Panther Bangle Bracelet
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    Fierce and boldly feminine, this chic 18K gold bangle bracelet takes the form of a panther accentuated by both pink and white diamonds. The pink diamonds total 8.43 carats, while the white diamonds weigh a combined 2.38 carats.
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Victorian Silver And Cut Glass Perfume Bottle
Birmingham Silver And Cut Glass Perfume Bottle
Art Nouveau Silver-Clad Perfume Bottle
Art Nouveau Perfume Flacon
English Silver And Cut Glass Perfume Bottle
Sterling Silver And Cut Glass Perfume Bottle
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