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  • South Of France, Cap D’Ail By Winston Churchill
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    One of the most important statesmen in world history, Sir Winston Churchill also pursued the art of painting for more than 40 years. This artistic pastime resulted in an impressive collection of works that give insight into the personal life of this tremendously important man. This particular work is no exception - painted during a family holiday to Cap d'Ail, it represents a time of relaxation and personal happiness. With a free, almost untroubled hand, he captures in a vivid palette this colorful seascape in the south of France.
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  • Tsavorite Garnet Ring, 5.12 Carats
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    Weighing 5.12 carats, this Tsavorite Garnet is among the best of its kind, exhibiting the perfect intense emerald green hue found only in the finest of these gems.
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  • Jean-René Nadal L'Ainé Tambour-Front Secretaire
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    With its romantic flourishes delicate curves, this 18th-century French secretaire epitomizes the very best of Louis XV era furniture. Attributed to the famed ébéniste Jean-René Nadal l'Ainé (1733-1783), the writing cabinet immediately presents itself as a work of art, enveloped by majestic floral marquetry and masterfully chiseled doré bronze mounts.
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  • Portrait Of Laurence Millet By John Singer Sargent
    4 / 8
    This exceptional oil portrait was executed by the great John Singer Sargent. The subject is Laurence Millet, the son of Sargent's friend and fellow painter Frank Millet. Sargent showcases his gift for capturing the true character of his subjects in this important work. Intimate and modern, it represents all the best qualities of Sargent’s finest portraiture.
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  • Sterling Silver Spoon by Tiffany & Co.
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    This exceptionally rare Tiffany & Co. sterling silver serving spoon exemplifies the absolute best of Tiffany artistry. The intricately decorated server is crafted in an exquisite openwork design, with highly detailed floral vines and scrolls interlocking in a delicate pattern.
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  • Neoclassical Silverplate Candelabra By Christofle
    6 / 8
    This pair of silverplate six-light candelabra was crafted by the celebrated Christofle. The Neoclassical-style candelabra exemplify the firm's unfailing eye for timeless design. Christofle has been renowned for their luxury silver goods since 1830. Beautifully executed, this pair represents some of the company's finest production.
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  • Silver And Crystal Dolphin Claret Jug
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    Marvelously crafted silver and cut crystal culminate in this wonderful claret jug that takes the form of a dolphin. The imagery is taken from classical art, which often depicted the misunderstood marine mammal as having scales and snout-like facial features.
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  • Tiffany & Co. Chrysanthemum Tea And Coffee Service
    8 / 8
    This resplendent Tiffany & Co. Chrysanthemum tea and coffee service is a tour de force of American silver. The seven-piece service is enveloped in the pattern's namesake flower. To find a Chrysanthemum service in stunning and complete condition is quite rare.
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