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Petrus Van Schendel
Petrus Van Schendel
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  • Multi-Color Sapphire Necklace By Oscar Heyman
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    This extraordinary multi-color sapphire necklace is the work of the legendary jewelry designer Oscar Heyman. The dazzling strand showcases 111.16 total carats of spectacular sapphires that exhibit a vibrant array of hues, from brilliant yellow, bright orange and vivid violet to sea green, bold blue, and pale pink.
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  • Sterling Turner By Childe Hassam
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    Childe Hassam is among the most important figures of the American Impressionist movement, and this pastel is a significant example of his early impressionist style.
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  • Fancy Pink Diamond Ring
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    This 5.03-carat fancy pink diamond is one of nature's most extraordinary creations. The exceptionally rare stone is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as being a natural fancy pink diamond with VS2 clarity, meaning it is virtually flawless to the naked eye.
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  • Promenade Au Parc Borély By H. Claude Pissarro
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    The verdant Park Borély in Marseille is the subject of this vibrant pastel by Hugues Claude Pissarro. The enchanting scene, with its colorful, feathery brushstrokes, exudes the lightness and vitality of Pissarro’s renowned oeuvre.
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  • Multi-Color Sapphire Earrings, 30.24 Carats
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    Six stunning sapphires present a sparkling rainbow of hues in these eye-catching earrings. The dazzling pair showcases 30.24 total carats of sapphires that exhibit a delightful array of hues, from traditional blue to brilliant yellow, vivid pink, and deep purple.
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  • Escher-Inspired Sculpture By Andreas Von Zadora-Gerlof
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    Famed sculptor Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof takes inspiration from the great M.C. Escher in this monumental sculptural work. One of the world's most famous graphic artists, Escher was celebrated for his mathematically-inspired etchings, woodcuts and drawings.
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  • Elegant Lady By Jean-Gabriel Domergue
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    A young French beauty dons a fashionable red ensemble in this portrait by Jean-Gabriel Domergue. Entitled Elegant Lady, this vibrantly hued gouache is the perfect example of the portraits for which the artist is renowned, featuring what would be coined la belle Parisienne: slender, swan-like women infused with an unmistakable grace and style.
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