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The Emerald Necklace
Jean-Pierre Cassigneul
The Emerald Necklace
Jean-Pierre Cassigneul
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  • 5.52-Carat Color-Changing Alexandrite Ring
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    Weighing approximately 5.52 carats, this captivating, oval-shaped Alexandrite exhibits the unique color change for which these rare stones are renowned. Displaying a lovely greenish hue in daylight, the remarkable gem exhibits a beautiful reddish color when exposed to incandescent light.
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  • La Route Bordée d'Arbres by Renoir
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    This captivating landscape is a charming example of the mature style of the legendary Pierre-Auguste Renoir. With its luminous color and fluid brushstrokes, La Route Bordée d'Arbres (The Treelined Road) reveals the Impressionist master's obsession with the ephemerality of nature.
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  • English Regency Fossil & Burl Elm Pedestal Table
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    This Regency table features an octagonal surface that incorporates a monumentally-sized and awe-inspiring specimen of Turtlestone, an English marble formed from fossilized spheres, known as septarian nodules, that developed during the Jurassic period over 150 million years in what is now known as the Oxford Clay Formation.
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  • Enigma I German Cipher Machine
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    This incredible three-rotor Enigma I machine was used by the German Army during World War II. This machine, manufactured in Berlin by the firm of Heimsoeth & Binke, features three moving code rotors, or "walzen" (wheels), and a Steckerbrett, or plug board.
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  • Las Hermanas de Venecia by Beltrán-Masses
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    Classically inspired yet ultra-modern, the distinctive style of Cuban-Spanish painter Federico Beltrán-Masses truly defies classification. Las Hermanas de Venecia (The Venetian Sisters), represents the master painter’s uniquely romantic and bold compositions, marrying the real with the fantastic through his languorous, sensuous subjects.
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The Portland Vase
Wedgwood First Edition Numbered
Copy of the Portland Vase

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Hallmarked 1815
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