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Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
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  • La Rocaille Chez Lionel by H. Claude Pissarro
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    A tranquil rock garden at the home of the artist's son, Lionel, is the subject of this vibrant oil by Hugues Claude Pissarro. The enchanting scene, with its highly saturated, feathery brushstrokes, exudes the colorfulness and vitality of Pissarro’s renowned oeuvre.
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  • Fancy Very Light Blue Diamond Ring, 2.36 Carats
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    A rare 2.36-carat fancy very light blue diamond captivates the eye in this enchanting ring. Diamonds with a blue hue are among the most coveted of all colored diamonds, prized for both their rarity and beauty.
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  • Jennings Victoria Golf Ball Vendor Slot Machine
    3 / 9
    This exceptionally rare Victoria golf ball vendor slot machine was the first one ever produced and is the only one of its kind known to still exist. Crafted during the age of prohibition when gambling was illegal, this machine was cleverly re-designed to pay out in golf balls rather than money.
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  • Gübelin Turtle Mystery Water Clock
    4 / 9
    One of the rarest and most sought-after of the great mystery clocks, the Gübelin turtle mystery water clock is a true wonder of horology. This timepiece was created during the Art Deco era and features a charming turtle that, when the basin is filled with water, floats upon the surface.
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  • Louis XV-Period Gilt Mirror
    5 / 9
    Commanding in size and artistry, this rare Louis XV-period gilt mirror is a tour-de-force of the era's highly ornamental, yet elegant style. The golden frame features sweeping, heavy scrolls and acanthus with floral and shell details that surround the expansive mirror.
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  • Bronze Bust Of Napoléon By Renzo Colombo
    6 / 9
    This impressive bust of Emperor Napoléon I is the work of the legendary Italian artist Renzo (Lorenzo) Colombo. Crafted of gilt bronze, the portrait depicts Napoléon as he was in 1812, the year that France commenced its invasion of Russia during the Napoleonic Wars.
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  • Gothic Revival Angelus Carriage Clock by Falize
    7 / 9
    Made by the illustrious French firm Falize, this French silvered bronze Angelus carriage clock is crafted in a dramatic French Gothic Revival style. Both its spring-driven movement and compact size made it the ideal clock for travel.
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  • Vacheron Constantin Mercator Watch
    8 / 9
    This rare wristwatch by the famed Swiss firm of Vacheron Constantin hails from the watchmakers' highly celebrated Mercator line of watches. Named after 16th-century cartographer Gerardus Mercator, renowned for creating the first flat maps of the globe for navigators. Thus, the watch's dial is enameled with Mercator’s navigational hemisphere maps.
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  • Louis Vuitton Rayée Steamer Trunk
    9 / 9
    This outstanding and extremely rare Louis Vuitton steamer trunk is a treasure. Crafted in the firm's flat-top style, this trunk boasts the Rayée ("Stripped") canvas. Beautifully preserved, the trunk features all original hardware and is adorned with a variety of period travel stickers from all over the world, a sure indication of this trunk’s well-traveled past.
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