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Petrus Van Schendel
Petrus Van Schendel
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  • Ombre Et Soleil By Paul-Émile Pissarro
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    The fifth and youngest son of Camille Pissarro, the great Paul-Émile Pissarro painted this vivid oil on canvas. His unique blend of breathtaking color and a highly modern technique are fully evident in the work, which presents a solitary figure in the shadow of a tree.
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  • George I Striking Musical Bracket Clock
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    An outstanding example of 18th-century clockmaking, this exceptional English bracket clock brings together high-quality craftsmanship and mechanical brilliance.
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  • Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring, 10.17 Carats
    3 / 7
    This exceptionally rare jewel is set apart by both its deeply saturated yellow hue and its perfect clarity. Weighing 10.17 brilliant carats, the covetable emerald-cut gemstone is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be both natural fancy vivid yellow and internally flawless.
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  • Le Soir Rose By Jean-Pierre Cassigneul
    4 / 7
    A striking woman in black sits waterside in this entrancing oil painting by Jean-Pierre Cassigneul. A classic example of his aesthetic, this work is a testament to his unflinching originality, displaying his unique fusion of French haute couture with traditional portraiture.
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  • French Silverplate Meat Trolley
    5 / 7
    This stylish silverplate meat carving trolley was made for and used at the world-famous Hôtel Ruhl in Nice. As a whole, the trolley makes an impressive display thanks to its large, elegant form resting on a minimal, yet graceful wheeled base.
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  • Pink Diamond Hoop Earrings
    6 / 7
    This classic pair of hoop earrings boasts a modern elegance and two-tone design. A brilliant array of 280 pink diamonds totaling approximately 2.91 carats is embedded at the front of the stunning pair.
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  • La Naissance De Vénus By James Ensor
    7 / 7
    A work of engaging richness and emotion, La Naissance de Vénus invites the viewer directly into the heart of the personal and highly poetic world of the great James Ensor. A major figure in the Belgian avant-garde, Ensor's highly modern oeuvre stands as an important precursor to the Expressionists of the 20th century.
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