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The Golden Age
The Golden Age
Recent Acquisitions
  • The Capture Of USS Chesapeake By John Steven Dews
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    The fierce spirit of battle is captured with extraordinary drama and detail in this oil on canvas by accomplished marine painter John Steven Dews.
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  • Martha Washington's Porcelain Cups And Saucer
    2 / 9
    Charming and delicate, these Royal Crown Derby cups and saucer were owned by Martha Washington, the First Lady of the United States. It is believed that Mrs. Washington would have used these items for social events at Mount Vernon.
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  • Les Maisons De Placy By H. Claude Pissarro
    3 / 9
    This extraordinary oil on canvas is a painterly tour de force by the French painter H. Claude Pissarro. This work, which captures solitary cottages in Placy in the Normandy countryside, is imbued with the colorful hues, rich textures and light-filled brilliance that exemplifies Pissarro's artistic virtuosity.
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  • Presentation Of George Washington Artifacts
    4 / 9
    George Washington’s hair and vest fiber are beautifully mounted in this magnificent frame. Accompanied by a portrait of our nation’s first president and his signature, these extremely personal effects were originally in the possession of Thomas Farmer, circa 1845.
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  • English Silverplate Seashell Biscuit Box
    5 / 9
    This beautiful 19th-century English silverplate biscuit box is the work of James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. Formed in an exquisite seashell motif, the box opens to reveal two gold-washed compartments to hold one's favorite baked treats.
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  • Portrait Of Abraham Lincoln By David Bustill Bowser
    6 / 9
    Boasting both historic and artistic import, this remarkably rare period oil painting depicts one of the most recognized and admired figures in American history, created by one of the very few black artists of the period, David Bustill Bowser.
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  • Tsavorite Garnet Ring, 5.12 Carats
    7 / 9
    Weighing 5.12 carats, this Tsavorite Garnet is among the best of its kind, exhibiting the perfect intense emerald green hue found only in the finest of these gems.
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  • South Of France, Cap D’Ail By Winston Churchill
    8 / 9
    One of the most important statesmen in world history, Sir Winston Churchill also pursued the art of painting for more than 40 years. This artistic pastime resulted in an impressive collection of works that give insight into the personal life of this tremendously important man. This particular work is no exception - painted during a family holiday to Cap d'Ail, it represents a time of relaxation and personal happiness. With a free, almost untroubled hand, he captures in a vivid palette this colorful seascape in the south of France.
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  • Jean-René Nadal L'Ainé Tambour-Front Secretaire
    9 / 9
    With its romantic flourishes delicate curves, this 18th-century French secretaire epitomizes the very best of Louis XV era furniture. Attributed to the famed ébéniste Jean-René Nadal l'Ainé (1733-1783), the writing cabinet immediately presents itself as a work of art, enveloped by majestic floral marquetry and masterfully chiseled doré bronze mounts.
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