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  • Les Vases De Fleurs By Louis Valtat
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    Vibrantly hued flowers burst forth with color in this Post-Impressionist composition by the French painter Louis Valtat.
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  • Cartier Mystery Clock
    2 / 8
    This extraordinary French mystery clock by Cartier is absolutely captivating in both its mechanical complexity and gorgeous artistry. The timepiece works as if by magic thanks to an ingenious design inspired by the famous French magician and illusionist Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin.
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  • Swiss Enigma K Cipher Machine
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    A significant relic of World War II, this incredibly rare Swiss Enigma K cipher machine was made by the Germans for the Swiss Army. The model is a variant of the German Enigma K, which was modified for the Swiss to include an external lamp panel and a separate power supply.
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  • Westminster Abbey Three Train Skeleton Clock By Evans
    4 / 8
    A faithful rendition of London's iconic Westminster Abbey, this magnificent bronze skeleton clock is a work of true horological mastery. Crafted by Evans of Handsworth, the timepiece represents the height of this famed clockmaster's skill.
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  • Les Printemps By Jean-Pierre Cassigneul
    5 / 8
    This striking oil painting is among the largest ever composed by the celebrated French painter Jean-Pierre Cassigneul.
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  • Tiffany Studios Nautilus Desk Lamp
    6 / 8
    This incredibly rare and exquisite Tiffany Studios desk lamp features a patinated bronze base in the form of a nude siren rising from foamy ocean waves, cast from a model by famed sculptor Louis A. Gudebrod.
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  • Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring, 15.95 Carats
    7 / 8
    This captivating stone weighs a remarkable 15.95 carats and is certified by the Gemological Institute of America as possessing I color and VVS2 clarity.
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  • Paintings by Marcia Gaylor
    8 / 8
    Based in southern California, Marcia Gaylor is renowned for her historical scenes that capture the New York City and Chicago stock market trading floors and vibrant financial districts.
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Duo-Art Grand Player Piano by Steinway and Aeolian
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