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Burma Rubies
Burma Rubies
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  • Le Petit Forgeron by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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    One of only a handful of sculptures created by the incomparable Pierre-Auguste Renoir, this exceptional bronze exudes all of the expressivity one expects from this 20th-century great. Renoir captures the essence of his model in this expressive portrait of a blacksmith.
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  • Jeweled Cupid Bracelet by Froment-Meurice
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    This incredible bracelet by France's François-Désiré Froment-Meurice (1802-1855) is a true work of jeweled art. The most distinguished goldsmith and jeweler of his day, Froment-Meurice's works featured a stunning blend of Renaissance and Rococo motifs to create singular masterpieces that captivated connoisseurs worldwide.
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  • Bacchanalian Scene by Jonas Zeuner
    3 / 9
    A masterful example of the art of verre églomisé, or painted glass, this magnificent oil comes alive with luminous gold and silver leaf that lend it a remarkable brilliance. The painting is an exceptionally rare example of the work of Jonas Zeuner, an artist renowned for his work in this extraordinarily difficult and intricate art form.
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  • Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers Lion
    4 / 9
    The original Roman sculpture after which this remarkable bronze was modeled is unquestionably one of the most important works of Baroque artistry ever created. The Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, or Fountain of the Four Rivers, was executed by the great Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) between 1648 and 1651 as a special commission by Pope Innocent X.
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  • Rouge Marble Globe Clock
    5 / 9
    This extraordinary globe clock is an impeccable example of the complex artistry of French timepieces. The terrestrial globe is rendered in painstaking detail and presents a comprehensive understanding of both geography and solar time.
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  • Rare Chest on Chest by Thomas Chippendale
    6 / 9
    Brilliant lines, perfect proportion and overall commanding workmanship are evident throughout this George III-period masterpiece by Thomas Chippendale.
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  • Jeweled Art Nouveau Pendant by Jules Brateau
    7 / 9
    A superlative example of the Art Nouveau aesthetic, this incredible jeweled gold and enamel pendant was created by French goldsmith, jeweler and sculptor Jules Brateau (1844-1923).
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  • Eugenio Zampighi
    8 / 9
    This charming oil on canvas was composed by the highly popular Italian painter Eugenio Zampighi. Appealing in both its subject matter and its masterful execution, the work, which is aptly titled La Felicità di Casa (The Happiness of Home), is a celebration of both childhood innocence and familial love.
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  • Paul Sormani Jewelry Cabinet
    9 / 9
    Paul Sormani, the most famed creator of 19th-century meubles de luxe (luxury furniture), places his tremendous skills on full display in this exquisite jewelry cabinet. Employing the use of only the finest materials for which his talents were uniquely suited, this cabinet features mahogany, satinwood and amaranth woods, stunning inlay work and elegant chiseled ormolu detailing.
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