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Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell
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  • English Regency Fossil & Burl Elm Pedestal Table
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    This Regency table features an octagonal surface that incorporates a monumentally-sized and awe-inspiring specimen of Turtlestone, an English marble formed from fossilized spheres, known as septarian nodules, that developed during the Jurassic period over 150 million years in what is now known as the Oxford Clay Formation.
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  • The Hester Bateman Collection
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    The artistry of Hester Bateman, the most renowned female silversmith in history, is exemplified in this collection of more than 30 exquisite pieces.
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  • In the Sails by John Steven Dews
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    British artist John Steven Dews captures the thrill of a sailboat race in this action-packed oil on canvas. The maritime master's legendary eye for detail permeates the canvas, from the precise rendering of the sailboats' riggings to the efforts of the crews as they fight for position.
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  • Diamond & Enamel Sunfish Lapel Watch
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    A delightful blend of watchmaking refinement and unique artistry, this charming lapel watch takes the form of a sunfish. The aquatic creature is stunning in its level of detail.
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  • Place Saint-Pierre à Montmartre by Maurice Utrillo
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    Maurice Utrillo is among the most prolific of the French artists, known for his rich and daring color palette and use of contrast to bring the streets of his hometown of Montmartre to life. In this remarkable work, Utrillo renders a snow-covered Place Saint-Pierre with his distinctive impressionistic verve.
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Hawkins Exhibition Expanding Table
Exhbition Model of Expanding
Table by Samuel Hawkins

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Silver Centerpiece by Paul Storr
Hallmarked 1815
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16.37 Carat Bubblegum
Pink Sapphire Ring
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The Sheperdess by
William Adolphe Bouguereau
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The Georgian Collection
For more than a century, a King George sat on the British throne. It was an era of innovation and growth, paving the way for some of the finest artists and craftsmen the world has ever known.
Chicago Antiques + Art + Design Show
May 18-21, 2017
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Golden Pearl Necklace
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Golden South Sea Pearls
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