Pre-Columbian Diquís Gold Disc
Pre-Columbian Diquís Gold Disc Pre-Columbian Diquís Gold Disc
Pre-Columbian Diquís Gold Disc

Pre-Columbian Diquís Gold Disc

  • This rare Diquís gold disc would once have been worn around the neck or sewn into clothing.
  • Such pieces were considered symbols of high status, reserved from the Diquís elite
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This rare embossed disk is an extraordinary example of Diquís goldwork. The small hole in the disc suggests that it was either sewn into fabric or hung around the neck. Spanish chronicles from this period relate how it was customary for chiefs and important men to wear gold jewels on their chests, head, and arms during battle. The gold would immediately differentiate the chief to both his men and to his enemies. These pectoral discs, therefore, were worn as symbols of high status and prestige, reserved for the most elite of the Diquís region.

The Diquís culture arose in the territory of what is now Costa Rica, along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea and in the inland mountains and valleys. The word diquís means "Great Waters" or "Great River" in the Boruca language, and the delta of the great Diquís River is a major feature of the region’s geography. Because of their proximity to the water aquatic animals appear frequently in Diquís art. A unified Native American culture appears to have flourished in this area of Central America from approximately 1200 BC until the 16th century. Artifacts from this region include gold objects and other metals, carved bone, shell and whale ivory, textiles, jewelry with semi-precious stones and pottery.

700-1500 AD

3" diameter
Diameter:3 Inches
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