Watch Winding Display Cabinet

This incredible, one-of-a-kind watch display cabinet brings together the beauty of an antique with the functionality of modern technology. Crafted of mahogany, this 19th-century jewelry display cabinet has been ingeniously retrofitted with an electrified watch winding system. Located in its top three drawers, it is capable of winding up to 14 automatic movement watches at one time. With the flip of a switch, the watch holders seamlessly swing back and forth, triggering the automatic winding mechanism in each watch.



When not being used, one's favorite timepieces can be displayed beneath the glass-covered surface. Lined with black velvet, it makes for an elegant presentation befitting one's best horological treasures. The lower cabinets offer even more storage space in this Empire-style cabinet, making it as functional as it is elegant. A marriage of 19th-century craftsmanship and present-day innovation, it is an extraordinary find.

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