10 Reasons to Come Visit Us in New Orleans

I just hung up the phone with a gentleman from Seattle. It's not that it isn't a great place to live, "I just miss the sun," he said with a sad nostalgia. With the 2009/2010 winter the way it was, it could do everyone some good to get some sun. Which brings me to #1 on my list on why you should drop everything and come visit us in New Orleans.

1. You need some sun. While it doesn't last long, right now the weather in New Orleans is in the 70's, the humidity is low, and there is plenty of sun to be soaked up. Also Vitamin D has been proved to enhance the immune system and help fight off the bad stuff.

2.You've never ridden a streetcar down St. Charles Avenue. And you need to. street4

3. It's NOT Mardi Gras. Yes yes, the partying is fun, the costumes are great, the smell is...well..smelly. Come see the French Quarter in all its glory; clean, sunny, and nice smelling. (Did I mention our gallery is in the heart of the French Quarter?)

4. The Music. The bands on Royal Street are amazing. Effortless..genuine..and they play all day.aday-0541

5. New Orleans is New Hollywood. We're so hip and we don't even know it. The hit HBO show "Treme" and many other movies are filming all around the block. You never know who you'll run in to.

6. If you think it looks good on the internet, it will look better in person. You need to come see our gallery. We're overflowing with things for you to try on, observe, love and learn about. You'll see.

7. Travel is good for the soul. New Orleans is like New York but cheaper, like Europe but closer, and like San Francisco but no earthquakes. Win win!

8. Windows. You'll leave with a whole new appreciation for them...

window11 window27 window33

9. It's crawfish season. You'll never understand until you try them.

10.Because we're voted Best Antique Store in New Orleans. And we are!

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