Exceptional Antique Italian Safe


Massive and deftly constructed to be impenetrable is this fully functioning 19th-century Italian safe by the Italian safe and strongbox manufacturer Mossone of Andorno. The entire structure is enfolded with thick sheets of iron and features an incredibly complex locking mechanism. The five keyholes (four on the door and one on the left) are hidden behind secret panels that must be manipulated precisely with a pointed skew to successfully access the interior. The door opens to reveal an ample interior for storing precious valuables. Inside is a further compartment for even more storage of important items.

The safe's grandeur and detail are clear indications that this safe was commissioned by an individual of tremendous power and wealth. Not only is it functional, but it is also an item of beauty highlighted by decorative ironwork elements on both the exterior and interior. Very few floor safes of this age and complexity are found in such impeccable condition today, and they are highly desirable.

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Exceptional Antique Italian Safe
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