Duo-Art Grand Player Piano by Steinway and Aeolian


Immensely rare and mechanically complex, the Duo-Art reproducing grand piano is considered to be the most technologically advanced player piano made in the early 20th century. This particular instrument is further distinguished as having been owned by the “father of the modern super-market” American businessman and founder of Kroger Supermarkets, Barney Henry Kroger.

This automatic musical masterpiece is the culmination of an exclusive relationship between two international leaders in their respective fields: The Aeolian Company of New York City, and Steinway & Sons of Manhattan. Aeolian was a trailblazer in automatic musical instruments and sheet music, while Steinway & Sons are one of the most prominent “big four” piano manufacturers in the world. It is the combined gifts of these renowned companies that resulted in this incredible piano – one of the only Steinway Duo-Art player pianos in this pristine level of preservation and perfect working condition.

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The Duo-Art Grand Player Piano by Steinway and Aeolian
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