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Andrew Wyeth
Andrew Wyeth
Recent Acquisitions
  • Skeleton Clock
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    This incredible arabesque skeleton clock is a stellar example by the preeminent English firm of William Frederick Evans of Handsworth, Birmingham.
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  • Italian Hobnail Safe
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    A pièce de résistance of mechanical complexity and exceptional craftsmanship, this fully functioning Italian hobnail safe dates to the turn of the 19th century.
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  • Siesta By Frederick Carl Frieseke
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    This oil on board is the work of the great American Impressionist Frederick Carl Frieseke
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  • Fairyland Lustre
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    Introduced by Wedgwood artist Daisy Makeig-Jones in 1915, Fairyland Lustre marked a true departure from the factory's history of classic design and subdued colors.
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  • Raymond Yard
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    American jeweler and designer Raymond Yard
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Fancy Yellow And White
Diamond Necklace
A work of expert composition, this exquisite 20.79 total carat yellow and white diamond necklace radiates luxury and femininity.
Yellow Diamond Necklace
Fairyland Lustre
Wedgwood's Whimsical
Fairyland Lustre
Extraordinary Selection of
of the World's Finest Rubies
Edgar Degas
Important Sculpture by the Great Impressionist Edgar Degas
Guide to Opals
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Trapped Lightning: A Guide to Opals
Discover the science and the legends of this extraordinary gemstone.
200 Years of American Art
200 Years of American Art
Happening Now
Paul Revere
Paul Revere
Chicago Show
Chicago Antiques + Art + Design Show
May 16-19
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Tiffany & Co.


Tiffany & Co. English King Silver Flatware Service, 155 Pieces
Tiffany & Co. Renaissance Silver Flatware Service, 417 Pieces
Tiffany & Co. Winthrop Silver Flatware Service
Tiffany & Co. St. Dunstan Flatware Service For 12
Tiffany & Co. Chrysanthemum Flatware Service, 247 Pieces
Tiffany & Co. Persian Flatware Service, 140 Pieces
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