Portrait of Anne Lloyd by Giovanni Guida
Portrait of Anne Lloyd by Giovanni Guida Portrait of Anne Lloyd by Giovanni Guida Portrait of Anne Lloyd by Giovanni Guida Portrait of Anne Lloyd by Giovanni Guida
Portrait of Anne Lloyd by Giovanni Guida

Portrait of Anne Lloyd by Giovanni Guida

  • This monumental portrait was composed by the Italian artist Giovanni Guida
  • The masterfully composed work depicts Anne Lloyd, the wife of a marble merchant
  • Guida brilliantly recreates each detail of her dress, revealing himself as a master of texture
  • It is a stunning example of 19th-century Italian artistry
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Item No. 30-8915
Giovanni Guida
1837-1895 | Italian

Portrait of Anne Lloyd

Signed and dated "G. Guida / 1883" (lower right)
Oil on canvas

This monumental portrait by the Italian painter Giovanni Guida is a magnificent example of 19th-century Italian artistry. The artist captures the elegant visage of Anne Lloyd, the wife of the prominent marble merchant Thomas Lloyd. Though the Lloyds were Scottish by birth, they thrived in Italy thanks to a lucrative business in trade, allowing them to commission artists such as Guida to create superb portraits such as this.

The composition is a study in intricate detail and exceptional draftsmanship. Lloyd poses in a dramatic black gown, a color which is extremely difficult to capture in detail on canvas. Guida, however, succeeds magnificently, capturing the completely natural way in which light reflects off the folds and creases of the rich taffeta fabric. He proves himself a master of texture, perfectly recreating each element of the dress from taffeta to sheer fabric to lace.

The level of detail is extraordinary, as the artist took care to reproduce the appliqué and embroidery decoration that adorns the dress' body and skirt. Brilliantly, Guida has thickly applied the paint in these areas to create a raised effect, mimicking the outlines of tiny seed pears sewn into the material. The richness of fabric extends to the sofa upon which Lloyd lounges, as Guida reproduces the shimmer of the satin and luxury of the ermine throw with extraordinary accuracy. Masterfully executed throughout, Portrait of Anne Lloyd is among the triumphs of this Italian painter's career.

Giovanni Guida was born in Naples in 1837. He studied at the Academy in his home town and subsequently exhibited there from 1877. He also exhibited in Turin in 1880 and 1884, in Venice in 1887, and at the Vienna Jubilee in 1888. Today, works by the artist can be found in the Church of Santa Maria delle Sapienza in Naples and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Dated 1883

Canvas: 83 5/8" high x 49 3/8" wide
Frame: 103 3/4" high x 70" wide
Period: 1816-1918
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