Napoléon Figural "Pereat" Chamber Pot
Napoléon Figural "Pereat" Chamber Pot Napoléon Figural "Pereat" Chamber Pot Napoléon Figural "Pereat" Chamber Pot
Napoléon Figural "Pereat" Chamber Pot

Napoléon Figural "Pereat" Chamber Pot

  • This amusing English ceramic chamber pot features a bust of Napoléon inside
  • A piece of anti-Napoleon propaganda, the pot bears the Latin word "Pereat" or "Let Him Perish"
  • This pot was made during the Napoleonic Wars as a humorous expression of British patriotism
  • The Royal Pavilion & Museums in Brighton, England has a similar pot
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Item No. 30-6165
Cleverly blending history and humor, this rare English ceramic chamber pot was created during the Napoleonic Wars so that Britons could express their dislike of Emperor Napoléon in a most personal way. Inside the pot is the hand-painted bust of Napoléon with the word "PEREAT" inscribed, which is Latin for "Let Him Perish." A hand-painted floral motif encircling the exterior of the dual-handled bowl completes its design.

At a time when the ambitious Emperor of the French had his eye set on forging a great world empire, the British people saw him as a militant dictator quickly conquering the whole of Europe. These jocular relics of anti-Napoléon propaganda first appeared after the British victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and became a means by which the British people could amusingly mock the Emperor and express their patriotism.

A similar, yet damaged chamber pot sold at a London auction in 2013 for $10,081. A similar chamber pot can be found in the collection of the Royal Pavilion & Museums in Brighton, England.

Circa 1810

14" wide x 11" deep x 10" high 
Dimensions: 14"W x 10"H
Period: 19th Century
Origin: England
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