150 Years of Great Legs

150 Years of Great Legs Each period of furniture design is characterized by elements that reflect the stylistic ideals of that era. Legs, in particular, offer unique and beautiful insights into the evolution of fine furniture craftsmanship.  Read More »

Arburo Orchestrion Organ Brings Music to Life

You enter a room filled with spirited music; the rhythm grabbing you immediately as it travels through the air. Drums keep time to a bright organ and accordion melody peppered with the crisp ring of a triangle. Certainly such a lively and delightful sound would be the collaborative effort… Read More »

Marks of Distinction

Marks of DistinctionJust as a fine painting bears the signature of the artist, so do important pieces of silver. Here’s a sampling of some of the most prominent maker’s marks you’re likely to come across.  Read More »

Anatomy of An English Hallmark

Anatomy of An English HallmarkHere’s a guide for reading and understanding the elements of the English hallmark. Read More »

Secrets of the Pyramids: Is Another Egyptian Revival on the Horizon?

Coffins, mummies, pyramids and ancient tombs – words that seem more at home in a film script have been recently seen flooding headlines. Archeologists and Egyptologists seem on the brink of a major discovery that would rock both the academic world and popular culture. With stories about… Read More »
The Napoleon Bee

Napoléon’s Imperial Bee

A symbol of rebirth, immortality, and diligence, the industrious bee has been a decorative motif for centuries. From ancient Egyptian  hieroglyphics to sleek modern-day design, the most popular bee of all is the imperial motif of Napoléon Bonaparte. Following the tumultuous… Read More »

Anything but Ordinary: The History of The Table

Humans are social by nature. We gather on a daily basis to work, play, eat, share ideas, celebrate with family and friends, and everything in between. The commonality these events share is perhaps one of the most over-looked and under-appreciated of all our conveniences–the table. Over the… Read More »

Snake Symbolism in Jewelry & Decorative Art

The serpent—representative of good and evil, poison and medicine, death and rebirth—has found powerful symbolic meaning dating back to ancient times. Both revered and feared by numerous cultures and religions for their mysterious duality, the snake has long been established as… Read More »

Finding Their Voice: A Brief History of The Golden Age of High Furniture in Ireland

Stunning, eclectic and uniquely elegant, Irish furniture is a direct expression of its lush land and spirited people. Often referred to as “the long peace,” the 18th and 19th centuries were certainly a golden age of Irish furniture design. Although inspired greatly by English counterparts,… Read More »
Ning Zhao Ji Chinese Export Silver Centerpiece

Chinese Export Silver: Where East Meets West

Late in the 18th century, the export of silver from China to the West began to rival the tremendous export industry of Chinese porcelain. With an influx of trade between China and the West, as well as tourists flooding the region, the demand for these one-of-a-kind silver pieces increased… Read More »