antique furniture

A crowning achievement for Francois Linke, this monumental vitrine illustrates everything that made this craftsman famous. Taking its cue from the rococo style, this vitrine is infused with an Art Nouveau panache. Linke collaborated with noted Parisian sculptor Léon Messagé to create the extraordinaryt bronze mounts.

The Allure of 19th Century Parisian Furniture

by Bill RauThe Allure of 19th Century Parisian Furniture Lessons from the Masters Paul Sormani and Francois Linke Few furniture styles speak of elegance and opulence like those of 18th century Paris. The great Kings of France, namely Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, each ushered in… Read More »
Styled after the designs of the legendary Thomas Chippendale, this monumental 19th century mirror is a work of art. The intricate tripartite frame is crafted of giltwood, and is decorated with graceful elements such as flourishing foliage, acanthus leaf scrolls and flowers, cascades and icicles, and two Hou-hou birds, or Japanese phoenixes.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...The History of the Mirror

By Bill Rau A beautiful antique mirror can be one of the grandest pieces in a home. However, few people know where the true value of a mirror once lay. Today, we find value in the frames of our mirrors, but just 170 years ago, it was the mirror glass itself that was most… Read More »
The stunning King Farouk Bedroom Suite

Prime Provenance: The King Farouk Bedroom Suite

Few things excite me more than discovering rare treasures that are distinguished by an incredible provenance. It's the provenance that turns a great piece into a phenomenal piece, and literally brings the events normally only read in history books to life. In the case of this amazing… Read More »
Billiard Table

The Noble Game of Billiards

Though experts have speculated for centuries about the true origins of billiards, most agree that the game evolved from a lawn game similar to that of croquet around the 15th-century, hence the green cloth resembling grass. The game underwent numerous transformations over the… Read More »
John Henry Belter

The Genius of John Henry Belter

Few craftsmen in history leave such an indelible mark on their craft that their name becomes synonymous with all other works of that style.Thomas Chippendale was one such artisan as was Louis Comfort Tiffany a century and a half later. Another such name is that of John Henry Belter, a… Read More »