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Bubblegum Pink Sapphire Ring

Bubblegum Pink Sapphire Ring

An extraordinarily rare, 16.37-carat Pink Ceylon sapphire takes center stage in this striking ring. Displaying the perfect purplish-pink bubblegum hue for which the finest pink sapphires are so beloved, this enchanting, cushion-shape gem boasts both crystal-clear clarity and grand size. This jewel is supported by two shield-cut diamonds, totaling 2.06 carats, and is certified by C. Dunaigre Consulting (CDC) to be natural and Ceylon origin. Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold. Read More »
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Cabinet piece the front of which has one or more projecting portions.

cut glass

Any glass whose surface has been cut into facets, grooves and depressions aided by a large, rotating wheel. Wheel cutting glass decoration was developed in the 8th century BC, but the technique of faceting wasn't perfected until the 18th century in England. Although cutting glass is a costly and difficult process, the brilliant effects are extraordinary!

Kindjal Dagger

A Russian dagger used as both a side arm and fashion accessory, often decorated with niello inlay, gold gilt, silver, ivory or cloisonné. The kindjal's broad, double-edged blade was well suited as a close combat weapon.
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