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Venetian Rectangular Mirror

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Venetian Rectangular Mirror

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This magnificent mirror is a superior example of Venetian glassmaking

Key Features

  • This extraordinary Venetian mirror is outstanding in both size and artistry
  • Classically style, this immense looking glass boast cut and etched glass decoration
  • Venetian glass was the most coveted for centuries making rare and exclusive possession
  • Circa 1880
  • 40 wide x 62 high

Item Details

  • Width:
    40 Inches
  • Height:
    62 Inches
  • Period:
    European 19th Century
  • Origin:
This outstanding Venetian beveled glass mirror reflects the incredible mastery that Italian glass artists achieved. Crafted in an exuberant yet classical style, this stunning looking glass would have been its owner's prized possession. The intricate cutting and etching demonstrated on this phenomenal piece identify it as the work of a true master. An art form perfected on the island of Murano over 1000 years ago, Venetian glass works such as this large mirror have adorned opulent European palaces and estates for centuries. To find one in such excellent condition on the market is truly amazing.

Circa 1880

40" wide x 62" high

Amazingly, Venetian glass has been made for approximately the last 1,500 years. In the Middle Ages, a guild was formed to establish and enforce strict regulations, including the confidentiality of trade secrets. By the end of the thirteenth century, Venetian glass was very sought after. Fear of fires from the furnaces forced the industry out of Venice to Murano, though, where Venetian glass is still made today.
Styled after the designs of the legendary Thomas Chippendale, this monumental 19th century mirror is a work of art. The intricate tripartite frame is crafted of giltwood, and is decorated with graceful elements such as flourishing foliage, acanthus leaf scrolls and flowers, cascades and icicles, and two Hou-hou birds, or Japanese phoenixes.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...The History of the Mirror

A beautiful antique mirror can be one of the grandest pieces in a home. However, few people know where the true value of a mirror once lay. Today, we find value in the frames of our mirrors, but just 170 years ago, it was the mirror glass itself that was most precious. Read More »

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Price: $28,500
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