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Oak Street Po-Boy Festival

11/18/2012 - 11/18/2012 | Oak Street, New Orleans

If you think a po-boy is just another sandwich....think again. Ask the more than 45,000 po-boy afficianados who attended the Oak Street Po-boy Preservation Festival in 2011 and they will tell you (after they've finished chewing the last delicious bite of that oyster po-boy) that this is one mouth-watering delicacy that deserves a celebration!

This one-day-only festival is held along the unassuming commercial strip of Oak Street in the city's historic Carrolton neighborhood paying homage to that most New Orleans of creations. More commonly known as a submarine sandwich in other parts of the country, the po-boy merges the area's succulent seafood, and other delicious dishes, with the condiments of your choice.

Whether you order your sandwich "dressed" with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayo or "naked", your palate will thank you. You may consider wearing something with's just that good.

Festival patrons are welcome to browse and shop along the Oak Street corridor, which offers patrons a variety of merchandise from vintage books, jewelry, art, and apparel.

For more information call (504) 524-8843 or check out the festival's website at

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