Cat's Eye Alexandrite Ring
Cat's Eye Alexandrite Ring Cat's Eye Alexandrite Ring Cat's Eye Alexandrite Ring Cat's Eye Alexandrite Ring
Cat's Eye Alexandrite Ring

Cat's Eye Alexandrite Ring

  • This incredible alexandrite has the ability to change color in different lighting situations
  • Weighing 4.37 carats, the cabochon jewel also possesses a mesmerizing cat's eye
  • The jewel displays a greenish-blue in daylight and a violetish-purple in incandescent light
  • Alexandrites were the jewels of the Tsars, forever linking them to royalty
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Item No. 30-9393
Weighing 4.37 carats, this captivating cat's eye alexandrite exhibits the unique color change for which these rare stones are legendary. The cabochon stone displays a lovely greenish-blue hue in daylight and a beautiful violetish-purple color when exposed to incandescent light. Adding to the rarity of this regal jewel is the presence of a "cat's eye", otherwise known as chatoyancy. This phenomenon occurs when light reflects off of small, precisely aligned rutile inclusions in the stone to create this marvelous effect. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America to be a natural cat's eye alexandrite, this fabulous jewel has not undergone any treatment or enhancements to achieve this exceptionally rare color change or reflective phenomenon.

An entrancing stone with a noble history, alexandrites of this caliber are among the most coveted gemstones in the world. While the alexandrite’s almost magical trait of dramatically changing colors in varying light makes it extremely valuable, its history makes it all the more intriguing. The first alexandrite was discovered in Russia in 1834 on the birthday of Tsar Alexander II, and was thus named in his honor. Because the stone's natural color change resembles the national military colors of Russia - red and green - the tsar subsequently claimed all of the best examples of this natural chrysoberyl for the throne, making this truly the gemstone of royalty.

The rare jewel is set in a wonderful platinum mounting with white diamonds totaling 1.44 carats.

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Stone:Colored Gemstone
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