Why buy ART? Why NOW? and Why from M.S. Rau?

Lyndon Lasiter

Well-established artists, like the so-called 'Old Masters' or the Impressionists, have a stable market value. By comparison, the more contemporary the artist, the more uncertain is his or her market value. (from “Investors find a safe haven in art,” DW, 10/16/11, by Chi Viet Giang)

…Given the history of art funds in the recent times, it would be perhaps more advisable at this juncture to buy art from galleries… (from “Invest in art to balance portfolio,” The Economic Times, 9/25/11, by Nalini S. Malavyia)

Steven Murphy, chief executive of the privately held Christie’s, said collectors and investors alike see art as a potentially safe haven for their cash at a time when the broader financial outlook remains volatile… (from “Auction Houses Clean Up as Investors Vie for Art,” Wall Street Journal, 2/1/12, by Kelly Crow)

After reading the above mentioned quotations and articles, you very well may be convinced that buying art now is the thing to do. That said, you may still question why to buy from M.S. Rau Antiques. That answer lies in the advantage of private galleries over auction houses. When buying from our 100 year old, internationally respected gallery, there are no premiums to pay. Furthermore, if there is a work of art by a particular artist and/or in a certain style, we are more than happy to find exactly what you are looking for!

So if you are still asking the question, Why Art? Why Now? or Why from M. S. Rau?, here are just a few more great reasons…

...Vincent van Gogh...

...Pierre Auguste-Renoir...

...Paul Gauguin...

...Albert Sisley...

...and our favorite American son, Norman Rockwell.

From myself, Lyndon Lasiter, and all of us at M.S. Rau Antiques, thank you for helping make our first 100 years successful and why not, BUY ART AND BUY NOW, as we begin our second 100 years of offering the rarest, finest and most desirable fine art available!

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