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The Largest antique and fine art gallery in North America is celebrating one of the most minuscule of men that ever walked the earth. M.S. Rau Antiques celebrates 250 years of Napoleon Bonaparte with a self-guided tour tour.

Rebecca Rau is part of the fourth generation legacy of M.S. Rau. She is also quite the historian, saying, "behind me you'll see a portrait of Napoleon by Joseph Franque. It was completed for the Salon in Paris of 1812. It's an important piece because it's probably the last portrait of Napoleon that was exhibited publicly before his decline. This represents the beginning of the end. It was right before the Battle of Borodino, his final victory. After that, things when down for the gentleman."

Over a dozen pieces are on display in the gallery. Everything from a plate warmer, to a mutton-bone interactive ornate carving of a french guillotine scene. To go on the tour yourself, you can head over to M.S. Rau. The tour takes place from now until Saturday during normal business hours. On Thursday there is a champagne toast and dessert celebration at 12:30. What better way to celebrate the quintessential french military leader?


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