Victorian Oak Display Cabinet


Standing at nine-feet high and displaying all of the aesthetic hallmarks of the Victorian era, this oak cabinet is an English masterpiece of both cabinetmaking and mechanical engineering. At first glance, the finely carved oak cabinet appears to be the perfect piece for displaying a gentleman's finest volumes. The inventive piece of furniture, however, actually boasts a myriad of secret compartments, with the built-in texts serving as ingeniously disguised doors.

A series of hidden levers and buttons open a variety of doors to reveal multiple hidden compartments, including a working safe, that serve both as diverting amusements and as a way to conceal valuables and heirlooms. The lower cabinet opens to reveal a three-step staircase, allowing one to reach the top shelves with ease. Additionally, the central series of "texts" drop forward to reveal a cleverly disguised bar, providing any discerning gentleman the perfect opportunity for a night cap.

England, Circa 1880




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