Storr, Paul

Without question, Paul Storr is considered one of history's finest smiths, and he is known for perfecting the works, styles and designs of the Regency period. From his Neoclassical masterpieces to his exuberant, ornate vessels, Storr imparted a level of craftsmanship and superior quality that has seldom been seen since. Retained by Royal Jewellers and Silversmiths Rundell, Bridge & Rundell, Storr was regularly commissioned to create pieces for royalty and world figures. The items he created for their majesties George III, George IV, and the extended families are, without question, some of the most exciting, exquisite and expensive silver ever made. However, his talent and vision were not reserved just for his more prestigious pieces. Every example of Storr's work was given the same attention to quality and detail. Today, his work is still very highly regarded and collected by museums and silver connoisseurs around the world.

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