Sèvres Porcelain Palace Urns

The Sèvres Porcelain Palace Urns

These majestic bronze-mounted Sèvres porcelain urns are monumental in both size and quality, and feature the renowned manufactory’s signature deep cobalt blue glaze. Sèvres urns were made in various sizes and qualities over the years, with the finest examples dating from between 1850 and 1880. Yet even among the best examples, these urns stand apart. First, the great majority of the urns were fitted with minimum “stock” bronze. Very few boasted the handcrafted, specially-made mercury gilded bronze mounts such as those featured here. Additionally, most urns created were approximately one quarter to half the size of these monumental beauties. It is assumed by most experts that the smaller examples were sold in retail establishments, while very rare large pieces were made only for special commissions for elite clientele, earning them the moniker “palace urns”.

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