Patek Philippe Digital Display Clock


This rare Patek Philippe Digital Display Clock was specially commissioned by the renowned luxury jewelry firm Abou Watfa of Damascus. The time system features a master clock and two slaves, one of which was utilized in their Patek Philippe display, while the other was part of their display of Vacheron Constantin timepieces. This incredible clock is part of Patek Philippe's Master Clock System and is accurate to 1/10th of a second. These incredible marvels were crafted on a commissioned basis for only the most important clients, meaning no two systems were ever created exactly alike.

The system is known as a GTC (Generateur Temps Code) or a Time Code Generator Irig-A with a special heated quartz element. The time is indicated on a series of Nixie tubes, and each component is marked with serial numbers 780 263, 780 267, 780 265, and 780 266, respectively.




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