Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Bracelet 55.66 Carats

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Twenty-five of the most beautiful, perfectly matched fancy vivid yellow diamonds, totaling 55.66 carats, create a breathtaking golden glow in this incredible graduated bracelet. Each gem is certified by the GIA to be Natural Fancy Vivid, and has a clarity grade ranging from Internally Flawless to SI1. The largest of these magnificent diamonds weighs 4.24 carats, with it and three other diamonds being Internally Flawless.
Natural fancy yellow diamonds are extremely rare, accounting for the tiniest fraction of all gem-quality diamonds in the world to possess the richness of color to bear this exclusive color grade. To be further distinguished as "Vivid" means these diamonds posses the highest possible color intensity. To find 25 of these masterpieces of nature, with brilliant, perfectly matched color, is nothing short of extraordinary.

Set in 18K yellow gold

7 1/2" length


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