TSWMALL, May 1, 2015 - This exceptionally rare Enigma Machine is possibly the finest example that has ever surfaced. Used by the Germans to send secret messages during World War II, this important four-rotor Model K Enigma is in complete and superior condition, and was likely made for a high ranking officer stationed in Berlin. It is believed by many that the Allies’ deciphering of the Enigma code shortened the war by at least two years. This rare decoder features an additional lamp panel, power supply and its original oak casings.&…
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Incredible Flatware Sets


Tiffany & Co. English King Silver Flatware Service, 155 Pieces
Tiffany & Co. Renaissance Silver Flatware Service, 417 Pieces
Tiffany & Co. Winthrop Silver Flatware Service
Durgin Wentworth Flatware Service, 167 Pieces
Tiffany & Co. Chrysanthemum Flatware Service, 247 Pieces
Tiffany & Co. Persian Flatware Service, 140 Pieces
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