Italian Baroque Iron Strong Box


This rare Italian Baroque strong box is crafted of reinforced wrought iron and is designed to be virtually indestructible. Intended to secure one's most precious valuables, the fascinating safe is enveloped in thick iron strapwork that surrounds its massive walnut frame. The defining feature of large Baroque strong boxes of this caliber is a complicated locking mechanism, and this example is fitted with an exceptionally well-engineered three-way locking system. As an added security measure, one must know the precise way in which to manipulate not one, but three unique iron keys, all of which have hidden keyholes. Once inside, the box is fitted with shelving that provides ample space for one's money and valuables.

Very few of these "Old World" relics remain, and those that do were most likely used by merchants of the period in lieu of banks. Strong boxes of this size and complexity, however, are incredibly rare and desired.

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