Burma Ruby and Sapphire Floral Brooch Set from M.S. Rau Antiques


Exuding delicacy and femininity in a timeless design, this stunning brooch set exquisitely interprets the beauty of nature. Three rare Burma rubies and a brilliant pink sapphire lend vibrant color to these sparkling diamond blooms, which spring to life through their ingenious en tremblant mounting. The silvered gold setting is put into motion thanks to a series of wire-coiled springs, which causes the delicate flower heads to "tremble" when the wearer walks or moves. The result is a greater sense of depth, liveliness, and radiance, all of which intensify the natural beauty of the rare colored gemstones.

Each highly coveted in their own right, the sapphire and rubies are perfectly matched in this set. The oval pink sapphire boasts 4.91 carats, while the dramatic rubies weigh 5.02 carats, 2.61 carats, and 1.90 carats. Each of these jewels is certified by the Swiss Gemological Institute (SSEF) as being Burmese in origin and completely un-enhanced, meaning their beauty is entirely natural.

For centuries, Burma has been associated with the world’s finest rubies, and these gemstones are no exception. Displaying a richly saturated pinkish-red hue and an exceptional degree of transparency, these stones are beautifully enhanced by their unique stone-led setting. Exquisitely feminine and gorgeously detailed, this set is an absolute treasure of jewelry design.


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