100 Things To Do in New Orleans Before you Die

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Buy Bits of History Along Royal Street

By Beth D'Addono

Crystal chandeliers, sword walking sticks, dazzling gems, ornate furniture, Confederate currency, and pop culture flotsam and jetsam from the mid-twentieth century are just a few of the treasures that await on Royal Street, one block off-but a world away from-raucous Bourbon Street. The city's oldest family-run antiques shops, with M.S. Rau at the top of the list, are clustered here, offering a bonanza of treasures to the avid antiquarian. Yes, you.'11 find the usual gorgeous nineteenth-century English and French furniture, rare stamps, and estate jewelry. Fittingly for New Orleans, though, a city of drinkers that positively drips with history, Lucullus Culinary Antiques is the spot for accoutrements for the ritualistic serving of absinthe, and rings with secret compartments for voodoo charms and poison turn up where you'd least expect.

M.S. Rau Antiques
630 Royal St., 888-557-2406

Lucullus Culinary Antiques
610 Chartres St., 504-528-9620

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