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Raoul Dufy
La Réception à L'Amirauté by Raoul Dufy
Raoul Dufy
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  • Sheraton Revival Satinwood Dressing Table & Chair
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    Featuring the stylistic elements associated with the famed English furniture designer Thomas Sheraton, this elegant satinwood dressing table and chair illustrate the endearing influence of Classical antiquity upon English furniture design.
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  • Femme Nue Assise by Henri Matisse
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    This exceptional work by the incomparable Henri Matisse exudes the purity of form and expressivity one expects from this twentieth century great.
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  • Tiffany & Co. St. Dunstan Flatware Service
    3 / 5
    This exquisite 180-piece sterling silver flatware service for 12 was crafted by Tiffany 7 Co. in the timeless St. Dunstan pattern. The classic Art Deco design is named for the patron saint of gold and silversmith's.
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  • Tiffany Studios Aquamarine Necklace
    4 / 5
    Crafted by the legendary Tiffany Studios and retailed by Tiffany & Co., this extraordinary aquamarine and amethyst necklace is a rare and unique masterpiece of jewelry design. A large 12.00-carat aquamarine is the star of this outstanding necklace, while round amethysts add a hint of drama to the crystal blue stone.
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  • Enigma Swiss K Cipher Machine
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    A significant relic of World War II history, this incredibly rare Enigma 4-rotor cipher machine in in 100% complete and pristine condition. Known as the Swiss K, this particular incarnation of the Enigma was made by the German for the Swiss Army and features an additional lamp panel and power supply.
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Sèvres Palace Porcelain Urns
A stunning pair of regal Sèvres vases
of exceptional quality and size.

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For more than a century, a King George sat on the British throne. It was an era of innovation and growth, paving the way for some of the finest artists and craftsmen the world has ever known.
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May 18-21, 2017
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Asprey & Company Mystery Clock
 Fit for a Sultan - Asprey & Co.
"Sultan of Brunei" Mystery Clock
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