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Henry Moret
Henry Moret
Recent Acquisitions
  • Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring
    1 / 8
    At the center of this glorious ring is a breathtaking 20.26-carat sapphire certified by the GemResearch Swisslab to be of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) origin.
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  • The Joe DiMaggio Collection
    2 / 8
    A cultural icon of America's favorite pastime, DiMaggio led the Yankees to nine World Series wins during his 13-year career, which spanned from 1936 to 1951. The son of Sicilian immigrants, he embodied the American Dream and earned his place as the American League’s Most Valuable Player three times over.
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  • Limited Edition Photograph of Marilyn Monroe by Lawrence Schiller
    3 / 8
    We are honored to offer this exclusive, limited-edition photograph of Marilyn Monroe. Printed from film that was lost for decades, Schiller made only 75 editions of these breathtaking photographs, and none will ever be created again.
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  • 18th-Century Marble Specimen and Pietre Dure Console Tables
    4 / 8
    This majestic pair of giltwood console tables are distinguished by their incredible 18th-century pietre dure marble specimen tops. Created in the style of William Kent, the preeminent architect and designer of the early Georgian period, the highest level of artistry contributed to the design and execution of these marvelous tables.
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  • Untreated Fancy Lavender Sapphire Ring
    5 / 8
    A brilliant 13.58-carat lavender sapphire radiates at the center of this classically stunning ring. The step-cut gem is set in a sophisticated platinum and 18k yellow gold setting between glistening diamonds totaling 1.40 carats.
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  • La Flute d'Ivoire by Edouard-Marie-Guillaume Dubufe
    6 / 8
    Appealing both in its enchanting subject matter and its breathtaking execution, La Flute d'Ivoire is a consummate example of the artist's style, conveying the ideals of beauty that were fundamental to his artistic philosophy.
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  • 17th-Century Amethyst & Bronze Bust of Augustus Caesar
    7 / 8
    This 17th-century sculpture represents a stunning marriage of exquisite semiprecious stones and exceptional bronze work. Considering the bust's age, the quality of its materials is all the more remarkable.
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  • Victorian Rosewood Partner's Desk
    8 / 8
    This magnificent English partner's desk joins flawless design with excellent craftsmanship. The massive rosewood desk was designed for dual use, and each side is identical with three frieze drawers and six pedestal drawers for ample storage. Gold-accented leather provides a luxurious writing surface, while two hidden writing desks extend from each side.
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