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Master Painters of La Belle Epoque ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

[from About Us] 06/27/2013
...Époque also inspired their fellow artists across Europe to study their own cities as never before. Tissot and Stevens One of the founders of this tradition was James Jacques Joseph Tissot (1836......-1902), whose idyllic youth was spent in the bustling French port of Nantes. His family overlooked the picturesque harbor and its ships, and Tissot spent many an afternoon sketching Nantes's historic center, with its quaint medieval buildings....... Having been overjoyed by their son's dedication to architecture, Tissot's parents were now distraught. Eventually, the young man convinced them of his potential, and he moved to Paris in 1857, albeit without their financial support... Read More »

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....S. Rau Blog , Stories | No Comments » Tissot’s Ravishing Beauties November 27th, 2012 Only a few times in our 100 years in business have we had the opportunity to own paintings by the famed Belle......Époque painter, James Jacques Tissot. His recognizable images of stylishly dressed women of leisure are commanding ever higher prices at auction, and we were fortunate to buy this painting, after years of pursuing... Read More »