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.... tea bowl A small Oriental cup without a handle, also made widely in Europe (with a saucer) in the 18th century....... tea caddy A decorative box created for storing tea leaves, many with two compartments one for black tea and the other for green tea....... Some of the finest tea caddies created in England were crafted of exotic woods, adorned with tortoise shell, ivory and mother... Read More »

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...cases, tea caddies, snuffboxes, and other decorated items.  This rare and exquisite material is mainly produced from the shell of the hawksbill sea turtle... Read More »

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.... Tiffany's first showing was at the 1867 Paris Exposition. The exhibit was relatively modest by European standards, showing regular items from their stock such as tea and coffee sets, pitchers and a creamer that is now owned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art....... These patterns were subsequently carried over into incredible hollowware pieces and tea services that rivaled any produced in the world... Read More »

Glossary of Antiques Terms - Antiques Glossary ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

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.... Also called a suite. Samovar An urn with a spigot at its base used especially in Russia to boil water for tea....... Sarcophagus A rectangular, coffin-shaped box tapering to a smaller size at the bottom. Can be used as a cellaret or tea caddy... Read More »
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.... Two examples till be exhibited by Drucker Antiques, who will have a Jensen coffee and tea service in the blossom pattern and a rare Georg Jensen lamp......: "These pieces were not mass-produced. The coffee and tea sets, the boxes, and cutlery services, they were all commissioned... Read More »
Phillip Youngberg

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.... Dunstan Silver Flatware Service 177 pieces "Francis I" Coffee and Tea Set by Reed & Barton La Promeneuse (The Walker) by Toulouse-Lautrec Collecting 19th Century Art Chances are good that the wonderful landscape your parents bought 30 years ago to hang over the mantel wasn't purchased as an investment... Read More »

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...next candelabra, chandelier, sconce, or lamp. Posted in Antiques , From Our Sales Team | Comments Off Time for Tea! Exquisite Tea Caddies January 17th, 2014 | posted by Bill Rau No other practice evokes......British sophistication and elegance quite like the drinking of tea. It is hard to believe that this now-common beverage was once an incredibly expensive commodity that could only be enjoyed by nobility......and the social elite. These connoisseurs would soon demand elaborate and luxurious accoutrements to store and prepare this prized drink. Tea was introduced to England from China sometime in the middle of the 17th... Read More »

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.... The emergence of tea as a national beverage and social institution meant a demand for serving sets and attendant pieces....... Hester excelled in the creation of these wares which included sugar bowls, tea urns, trays, salvers and dishes... Read More »
Meissen Porcelain

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.... Magnificent vases, furnishings, massive table service and delicate tea sets were among the Sévres pieces heartily commissioned by royalty... Read More »

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...as the chief negotiator of the Treaty of Nanking in 1842, which officially ended the Opium War. History buffs will know this war as a dubious attempt by the British to manipulate the trade of Chinese tea... Read More »

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.... Tiffany & Co. introduced many of their most beautiful and enduring patterns during this period, including Chrysanthemum, English King and Olympian, rendering them in immense flatware services, tea services... Read More »

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...beautiful serving trays and plates, to a complete tea and coffee service, tazzas, a rose bowl, and even a demitasse set, make this service truly grand. Extensive services that include both flatware... Read More »