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...(unless they have an important    provenance or maker such as Paul Revere or Paul Storr) • Late 19th- or 20th-century silverplate unless accompanied by a significant... Read More »

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.... First, the quality of his merchandise is unequalled (I am a Paul Storr affectionato) and he offers the best of his work... Read More »

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.... He, along with other master smiths like Paul Storr and Matthew Boulton, were most influential in elevating the silver artform during the period....... Boulton was so impressed with Smith's talent, he entered into a partnership with him. Later, Smith found himself in the same circles as the legendary Paul Storr, and his talent soon gained the attention of the Royal Family....... Indeed by 1803, just a year after arriving in London, Smith's work had found its way into the Royal Household and his distinctive style put him in the same stellar league as Storr and Boulton, a most exclusive group... Read More »

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....  Contact Bill Bill's Picks Bill's Blog Posts Le Rivage de Villerville Maree Basse by Eugene Boudin Triple Pedestal Mahogany Dining Table The Gladstone Dinner Service by Paul Storr Japanese Meiji-Period Cabinet Murano... Read More »
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....S. Rau Antiques and to his clients who look to him for sound advice and exquisite recommendations.    Contact Peter Peter's Picks The Gladstone Dinner Service by Paul Storr Swiss Burlwood and Ebonized Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box Tiffany & Co... Read More »

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...Paul Storr Georgian Silversmith | The Legacy of Paul Storr ~ M.S. Rau Antiques Paul Storr's Lasting Legacy A A A The Legacy of Paul Storr Without question, Paul Storr can be considered among history's finest smiths and he will long be remembered for perfecting......the works, styles and designs of the Regency period. Storr pursued a career in silversmithing at an early age, apprenticing to Swedish-born smith Andrew Fogleberg when he was only 14....... Fogleberg's interest in the neo-classical style greatly influenced his student, and in the young Paul Storr, he had found a most avid and accomplished protege... Read More »

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.... Paul Storr would follow suit almost a half century later as he gained renown as the premier silversmith of the Regency period......| dining Paul Storr was considered the finest silversmith of the late Georgian period, known for perfecting the works, styles and designs of the Regency period....... Storr received commissions from royalty and nobility, creating incredible pieces that graced the dining rooms of castles, manors and chateaus throughout Europe... Read More »

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....  These grape shears by the preeminent British silversmith Paul Storr, for instance, were crafted in 1817 and made to serve only one function: to separate small clusters of grapes away from their woody stems... Read More »