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.... Posted in Jewelry , M.S. Rau Blog | No Comments » The Very Best of Art Deco March 29th, 2013 | posted by Susan Lapene Egyptian Art Deco Chandelier Art Deco Diamond and Rock Crystal Brooch I just returned from the Art Deco World Congress 2013 held in Habana, Cuba and have been thoroughly.......  Take, for instance, this fabulous chandelier that displays a geometric Egyptian motif. Mounted in luminous platinum and 18k gold, as well as featuring a link of the purest rock crystal, this Art Deco pin radiates the opulence associated with the movement... Read More »

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.... Another word for repousse is embossing. Rock Crystal Discovered thousands of years ago, rock crystal, or natural quartz, has been cherished for its natural beauty and remarkable ability to refract light....... During the 18th and 19th centuries, rock crystal was one of the most precious and expensive materials used in the decorative arts....... When cut and polished, the inherent striations and inclusions of the crystal create a reflection of light far more brilliant than manmade crystal or glass... Read More »

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...is extremely rare and are strongly coveted by museums and private collectors Codognato Skull Ring The Codognato Skull Ring, created by the famed jeweler Codognato, depicts an enameled skull with rock crystals... Read More »

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...to make a lighting adjustment, this electrified chandelier boasts rock crystal adornments.  The natural mineral characteristics inherent to rock crystal help divert light in novel ways, not unlike......, craftsmen were conscious to maximize light in any way they could.  This was achieved through the use of reflective materials such as glass, crystal, or polished metals.  Dripping with cut glass......, these candelabra would be an ideal way to scatter slivers of light around a room.  Maximum light and maximum drama, this 1815 pair attributed to John Blades are the height of Regency elegance. 18th Century Rock... Read More »