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...: Beautiful Baccarat Vases October 20th, 2012 | posted by James Gillis Baccarat Opaline Glass Vases Cartouche Windows with Decorative Enameled Flowers The beauty of Baccarat takes so many forms.......  Under the reign of Napoleon III, the use of opaline glass – an opaque and colorful decorative glass often accented with gilding....... We are fortunate to have a pair of opaline glass vases from the Baccarat factory here at M.S. Rau. Possessing all the desired qualities of the very best opaline pieces... Read More »

Let There Be Light: Choosing the Right Antique Chandelier ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

[from Resource Library] 03/14/2011
...-2396 | 29-2986 This exceptional chandelier by Baccarat features opaline glass, cut crystal and ornate doré bronze. Circa 1850 Expressive and figural, this rare French 8-light oak chandelier was carved in the dramatic Baroque style....... For centuries these magnificent crystal, bronze and colored glass creations have served as bellwethers of wealth and status, adorning the great halls and dining rooms of Europe and all far reaches of the world.......  It wasn't until the late 17 h century, however, that the truly great chandeliers emerged.   The age of the chandelier For centuries, the artisans of the Venetian island of Murano had enamored all of Europe with their amazing glass confections... Read More »