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[from Resource Library] 08/12/2013
.... A band of precious malachite surrounds the central "picture" of St. Peter's Square. Set on a fine painted and carved wooden base this table is a remarkable example of the very finest of the mosaic craftsman's art....... Historically, glorious mosaics of unprecedented beauty and complexity enjoyed great popularity among the ancient Romans who decorated their homes with massive mosaic masterpieces....... The art of the mosaic re-emerged during the 18th and 19th centuries, most notably in the workshops of the Vatican, finding favor among the surge of affluent tourists making their requisite Grand Tour across Europe... Read More »

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.... mosaic A decorative technique in which square or rectangular pieces of stone, glass, ceramic tile (also known as tessare......) are set in mortar in and artistic motif. Tiny mosaics are referred to as micromosaics. mother-of-pearl A term used to reference the hard, iridescent inner lining of certain mollusk shells such as oyster and mussel... Read More »

Glossary of Antiques Terms - Antiques Glossary ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

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.... Characterized by skillful wood mosaics crafted from small pieces of colored woods and arranged to create pictorial scenes or decorative patterns, most Tunbridge Wares took the form of small boxes... Read More »

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[from Resource Library] 03/30/2010
.... Veneered frames and those boasting precious gems or glass mosaics were popular as well. Indeed, the frame maker's palette was only limited by his imagination, as well as his patron's pocketbook... Read More »

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...’art were perfect for the educated collector’s “cabinet of curiosities.” Especially desirable were the mosaic jewelry pieces which demonstrated both exacting skill and historical importance.......  Mosaic jewelry was made in two distinct styles: micromosaic and pietra dura, differentiated by both geography and technique... Read More »