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...) is a box, usually rectangular-shaped, which houses within it a miniature automaton singing bird concealed below an oval lid and activated by means of an operating lever....... The whistle consists of a miniature organ pipe containing a close-fitting piston which can be moved up and down to give a range of notes of over an octave......to activate the musical melody. After singing, the miniature bird moves back inside and the lid automatically closes behind it. Photo courtesy of M.S. Rau.... Read More »

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.... Early private museums combined collections of manmade and natural objects. Tourists could also collect Italy itself, in miniature, through guidebooks and printed views....... Splendid images of ancient Rome were painstakingly recreated in miniature using tiny tiles and precious stones, in what is commonly known as micromosaic... Read More »

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.... An extraordinary Colombian emerald smolders in this sumptuous ring This is such a ring.  It has it all: an Art Deco style setting that is a miniature work of art and an emerald so bright and clear, it’s unbelievable... Read More »

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.... Inside was a golden "yolk" with a miniature gold hen in the center. The empress was so delighted by the egg that Alexander had Fabergé... Read More »

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...) each box conceals a richly colored, hand-feathered miniature bird. When the lid is opened, the bird appears and sings a lovely tune, while moving his beak and flapping his wings... Read More »

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...and cafés throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. From grand mechanisms that replaced an entire orchestra to miniature instruments that fit in your pocket, the world of music boxes is as varied as the collectors who treasure them......-quality repoussé work reveals an exciting battle scene, while the handle’s vibrant dragon sculpture evokes Chinese symbolism of good luck and strength. Price: $9,850 German Ivory Miniature Tankard While the first......adapted their meticulous skills to ivory. This specialized artistic tradition grew throughout Germany for centuries, yielding such marvellous works as this 4.75-inch-high miniature tankard with a silver... Read More »