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...-2205 Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings Item 29-5230 Cartier Art Deco Diamond Clips Item 29-5402 Egyptian Revival Micromosaic and Gold Necklace Item 29-4861 Ladies Gold Lapel Watch by Detouche Item 27-4738 Opera... Read More »

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[from News/Events] 01/05/2013
...  Get More Information and Purchase Tickets Ivory Shibayama Elephant Emerald and Diamond Necklace and Earring Suite Italian Micromosaic Table John Atkinson Grimshaw... Read More »

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[from Resource Library] 08/12/2013
.... Some other examples of souvenirs that would have been attractive to travelers during their Grand Tour were artworks, furniture or jewelry utilizing the ancient technique of micromosaic....... This extraordinary table is beautifully crafted with cartouches of micromosaic tiles depicting nine famous Roman sites and a border with four doves....... Splendid images of ancient Rome were painstakingly recreated in miniature using tiny tiles and precious stones, in what is commonly known as micromosaic... Read More »

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.... Micromosaic Necklace, ca 1870. Image from V & A. One of the most desired destinations of the Grand Tour in the late 18 th century was Rome, where the medley of ancient cultures produced artifacts, jewelry and objets d.......  Mosaic jewelry was made in two distinct styles: micromosaic and pietra dura, differentiated by both geography and technique....... The Romans perfected the micromosaic technique, and their workshops grew to the height of popularity through the entire 19 th century... Read More »

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.... In this incarnation, the final result is an ornate table decorated with micromosaic scenes framed by rare marble and granite samples... Read More »

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...) are set in mortar in and artistic motif. Tiny mosaics are referred to as micromosaics. mother-of-pearl A term used to reference the hard, iridescent inner lining of certain mollusk shells such as oyster and mussel... Read More »