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...& griotte marble tops with side doors and drawers • Based on the model by Boulle, the original of which was ordered by Louis XIV to decorate the Louvre • Circa 1878 • 32 Â... Read More »

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.... Inspired by the writings of Homer and Virgil, admired by Pope Julius II, This awe-inspiring marble sculpture....... Crafted of exquisite Carrara marble, this incredible sculpture embodies the dynamic, masterful execution of the original housed in the Vatican....... Michelangelo was proven correct over four centuries later! From his work The Dying Slave and his amazing marble of Moses, to the figures on the famed Sistine Chapel ceiling, all were directly influenced... Read More »

Two Porcelain Perfume Bottle from Jacob Petit ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

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.... Standing upon a stepped faux marble rouge base, the luxury of Petit's porcelain creation is clearly evident. This exceptionally rare piece was created by Petit for the E xposition des Produits de L'Industrie in 1834, where it was enthusiastically received. Features Blue "J.P." monogram mark... Read More »

Master Painters of La Belle Epoque ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

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.... The rippling patterns of her dress are accentuated by the brilliant veins of marble and deep wood tones that complete the mantel backdrop....... Their only respite appears to be the bottle of wine staying cool on the marble hearth at right. At the same time that Caillebotte was establishing himself, Jean... Read More »

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.... Developed from the Ancient Romans and then revived by 16 th century Renaissance craftsmen, this craft involves the process of using various fitted and polished cut stones and fine marbles to create an overall picture....... The stones would then be inlaid onto a stone base. Often, craftsmen of this technique would choose very refined and rare types of marble and materials to heighten the elegance of the overall piece....... If you look at this from a distance it seems like a traditional oil on canvas painting. However, when approached, you can discern the small pieces of stone and marble that make up the different cheery figures and shapes... Read More »

The Grand Tour ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

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.... Crafted in intricate detail of Italian Sienna marble on an alabaster base, from the steps leading into the temple to the delicate Corinthian capitals, this realistic statue depicts the three... Read More »

History's Technical Marvels: Collecting Antique Clocks ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

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.... Nadaud set on rouge marble bases. The central figure, Penelope, stands unwinding her loom, flanked by two classical maidens... Read More »

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.... Tesserae were formed from metal, marble, stone or glass, and dexterously positioned using cement and precious metals... Read More »

Collecting Medical Antiques ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

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..., such as the "Dr. Nelson Improved Inhaler" with blue marbling in mint perfect condition can be acquired for as little as $600 or $700. Infant or invalid feeders are also popular medical collectibles. Unfortunately... Read More »

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...as “The greatest piece of art in the world”.  This is the fantastic marble sculpture that tells of the death.......  Sinewy creatures and windswept seas are expertly executed in bronze, oil paint and marble.  If you find these items as captivating as I do, let... Read More »