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.... The plaques in particular were likely fashioned at the Grand Ducal Workshops of Florence. Superb Russian Malachite and Pietre Dure plinths True works of art of the Restauration period, these plinths each feature a matching pietre dure mosaic crafted of the finest stones, all chosen....... The pietre dure is complemented by malachite panels of the highest quality, exhibiting exceptional depth through its extraordinary cellular structure....... Malachite is one of Russia’s most prestigious stones, and its presence in these plinths indicates commission and ownership by an individual of considerable status... Read More »

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.... majolica A 19th century type of earthenware featuring colored lead glazes. malachite An opaque green mineral with very pronounced and often concentric banding....... It's surface is hard enough to be polished and malachite has been used for beads, cabochons, decorative items and pietre dure... Read More »

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....  This fine antique desk accessory retains its original clear glass insert and its top is set with a large malachite cabochon....... Important French Bureau a Cylindre and Fauteuil de Bureau Malachite Cabochon Inkwell If there is one piece certain to invite you to sit down and write a while, it is this absolutely stunning French... Read More »

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.... A band of precious malachite surrounds the central "picture" of St. Peter's Square. Set on a fine painted and carved wooden base this table is a remarkable example of the very finest of the mosaic craftsman's art... Read More »