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.... International Contact Numbers: United Kingdom and most of Western Europe 00-1-504-523-5660 South America 00-1-504-523-5660 Japan 001-0041-1-504-523-5660 Australia 0011-1-504-523-5660 Most other countries... Read More »

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.... Demasks, brocades, and tapestries can be woven on jacquard looms. Japan patterns Japanese-inspired designs on English pottery and porcelain......(for example, Worcester) Japanning Term used for European techniques to imitate designs from the Far East... Read More »

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...business.  In Japan, by 701 AD, laws were made determining how many lacquer trees a household was allowed to grow.  Don’t mistake this to mean that the lacquer industry was easy money! There are over twenty......became known as “china” in the West, lacquer became known as “Japan”.  This nomenclature took hold when the appetite for these objects grew following the arrival of the first Portuguese sailors... Read More »

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.... Perry's "gunboat diplomacy" had reopened Japan to the West in 1854. The resulting influx of Japanese cloisonné... Read More »
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...; and the fashion for anything and everything decorative from Commodore Perry's opening of Japan. Siegfried Bing's famous gallery, La Maison de l'Art Nouveau in Paris, which sold imported Japanese works of art, gave the movement its name....... American Art Nouveau master Tiffany & Co. is, of course, synonymous with the Art Nouveau period. Tiffany's 1870s "Japonism" silver vases sport dragonflies, butterflies and other insects that were drawn from Japan's decorative arts and also used for the firm's tableware and flatware that crawl... Read More »

Glossary of Antiques Terms - Antiques Glossary ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

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.... Pagoda In China and Japan,a tower, usually having several stories, built in connection with a temple or monastery... Read More »