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...Rebekah Morrison View Rebekah Morrison's full profile » 1 posts by Rebekah Morrison: The King’s Game June 28th, 2013   It......’s frightening to think that chess may be a dying game. With today’s technology, little ones are growing up with computers and smartphones readily at hand so this dismal thought may be true to some extent... Read More »

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... Renoir buste), a game table containing a plethora of playing pieces, several arm chairs, and numerous items by Galle, Tiffany Studios, and Meissen. To see all of our NEW items, check out the Recent Acquisitions... Read More »

The Grand Tour ~ M.S. Rau Antiques

[from Resource Library] 08/12/2013
.... Small boxes held liquor or perfumes. Game tables folded up to convenient travel sizes and an assortment of system canes could transform at a moment's notice into easels, naturalist supplies, parasols or even weapons for protection... Read More »

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.... Snooker Played chiefly in Britain, Snooker is a version of the game of pool with a cue ball, 15 red balls, and 6 balls of other colors on a table that has 6 pockets... Read More »

Elves, Nymphs and Fairies–Oh My!: Illustrious Antique Fairyland Lustre by Wedgwood ~ M.S. Rau Antiqu

[from Resource Library] 12/28/2010
.... From 1915 into the late 1920s, these luminous fancies put the company on top of their game, and set the stage for a rather dramatic downfall for Makeig... Read More »

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[from Resource Library] 10/29/2009
.... Later, a second full course of roasted game birds, pastries and pies would replace the first. Of course, diners were not expected to sample everything on the table, but were to eat from the dishes closest to them......butter pick, game shears, nut picks, asparagus tongs, and salts. Add to that lavish epergnes, silver serving dishes, fruit stands, cruets, cake stands, condiment dishes and, finally, a lavish centerpiece, and it seemed there was scarcely room for the food... Read More »