Swiss Burlwood and Ebonized Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box

Swiss Burlwood and Ebonized Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box

A captivating and exceptionally engineered Swiss interchangeable cylinder music box with its original cabinet by Ami Rivenc of Geneva. Set in a beautiful case of burled and ebonized walnut with satinwood inlay, this piece serves not only as melodious entertainment but also as a fine… Read More »
Exhibition Mechanical Secretaire by Daubet & Dumarest

Exhibition Mechanical Secretaire by Daubet & Dumarest

A French masterpiece of both cabinetmaking and mechanical engineering, this one-of-a-kind and highly important mechanical secrétaire was crafted by the firm of Daubet & Dumarest and was presented at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London's Crystal Palace. At first glance, the tulipwood and… Read More »
George III Mahogany Gun Collector's Chest

George III Mahogany Gun Collector's Chest

This handsome George III-period mahogany chest is actually an ingeniously designed gun collector's cabinet. A drop-front surface concealed as the top four drawers opens to reveal felt-lined weapon racks. Near the left hinge of the drop-front is a secret button that, when pressed, opens a… Read More »
Chippendale Mahogany Breakfront Bookcase

Chippendale Mahogany Breakfront Bookcase

This magnificent Victorian library bookcase is a work of both massive size and monumental beauty. Crafted of Cuban mahogany in the majestic Chippendale Revival style, this dynamic breakfront reaches a width of over 14 feet and a height of over 9 feet, and displays all of the aesthetic… Read More »
Emerald-Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond, 20.05 carat

Captured Sunshine..Fancy Yellow Diamond

Weighing 20.05 carats, this breathtaking, GIA-certified Natural Fancy Yellow diamond sparkles with the fire found in the highest-quality jewels. Certified by the GIA to be VS1 clarity, this jewel is accentuated with a pair of shield-cut white diamonds weighing 2.01 carats which are graded… Read More »
Fabergé Silver Flatware Service

Fabergé Silver Flatware Service

This rare and exquisite 275-piece silver flatware service for 12 by Fabergé, the most revered name in luxury, was produced by the firm's prestigious workshop in Moscow, a city that was long considered the center of Russian silver and goldsmithing. Arguably one of the finest sets of silver… Read More »
David Morris Diamond Necklace

David Morris Three Strand Diamond Necklace, 72.58 Carats

An incredible three-strand diamond collar necklace by London jewelry designer David Morris. This important necklace shimmers and sparkles with 244 pure white diamonds totaling 72.58 carats. Each oval, pear, marquise, round and heart-shaped, brilliant-cut diamond was individually set in… Read More »
The Violano Virtuoso by Mills Novelty Company

The Violano Virtuoso by Mills Novelty Company

Singled out by the U.S. government in 1909 as one of the eight greatest inventions of the decade when it was introduced at the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, the Mills Violano-Virtuoso stands as one of the most important and incredible musical devices ever made. With its finely tuned… Read More »
Royal Blue Diamond

The Royal Blue Diamond, 10.06 carats

This magnificent, 10.06-carat Natural Fancy Blue diamond is one of the world's rarest and most extraordinary natural gemstones. Aptly named The Royal Blue, this stunning, radiant-cut jewel is the color of the clear blue sky, and is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as… Read More »

Unenhanced Ceylon Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring 17.51 Carats

The extraordinarily rare, 17.51-carat Natural Intense Pink Ceylon sapphire is of the highest caliber, and displays the perfect purplish-pink or "bubblegum" hue for which the finest pink sapphires are so beloved. With its excellent untreated color, crystal-clear clarity and grand… Read More »
Kashmir Sapphire

Natural Kashmir Sapphire & Diamond Ring

The Kashmir sapphire is ranked as one of the world's most desirable gems alongside the rarest colored diamonds and Burma rubies. Weighing 14.44 carats, this remarkable cushion-cut stone exhibits an impeccable, all-natural, velvety cornflower blue hue. These majestic stones are typically… Read More »

Aquamarine Necklace by Edward Everett Oakes

The 85-carat aquamarine in this stunning Arts and Crafts-era necklace by jewelry designer Edward Everett Oakes boasts the vibrant blue color so desired in this exquisite jewel. The entire 18K yellow gold necklace, from the fancy-linked chain to the stunning openwork bezel, is crafted by… Read More »
Lasting Bonds

Lasting Bonds

What like no other symbolizes the special bonds of lasting love, friendship and promise? Little else in life lasts as long as the radiance and beauty of an impeccable piece of jewelry. M.S. Rau Antiques has personally selected exquisite estate pieces from all over the world for 100 years.… Read More »
Fine Art

Fine Art From M.S. Rau Antiques

Have you ever walked in to a room and been stopped in your tracks by something so beautiful it took your breath away? And inside another room you find works by celebrated artists like Tissot, Gauguin, Bouguereau and Monet. At M.S. Rau Antiques, you'll find works by artists found in the… Read More »
Francis I Renaissance Sideboard

Francis I Renaissance Sideboard

This astonishing 16th-century dressoir (or sideboard) was created in Lyon during the height of the French Renaissance, and is the only one of three known examples of its type created that is not held within a museum collection. Today, the pair to this dressoir is a prized possession of the… Read More »

Family Heirlooms: Inspiring Memories for a Century

Imagine how it feels to enter a room filled with wondrous discoveries, treasures crafted by history's greatest artisans, each with its own story to tell. Imagine the most exquisite antiques from around the world, all in one place. For 100 years, Rau Antiques has helped generations of… Read More »
Congreve Clock

English Congreve Clock by French Royal Exchange

The mechanism of this captivating Congreve-type rolling ball timepiece is considered the most frustrating, yet fascinating of timekeeping instruments. The widely recognized design was patented by Sir William Congreve in 1808, and reflects the aspiration of clockmakers to find an… Read More »
Mermod Freres Station/Showcase Cylinder Music Box

Mermod Freres Station/Showcase Cylinder Music Box

This exceptionally wonderful and quite rare antique musical automation box by the Mermod Frerès firm of Sainte-Croix, Switzerland is a marvel of music box craftsmanship. Though the window, the viewer can see a fluttering butterfly and four maidens twirling and dancing along on their… Read More »
French Industrial Clock

French Industrial Clock

This French clock is an impeccable example of the complex artistry of industrial timepieces. Industrial clocks such as this, combining precision timekeeping with mechanically-inspired figural automata, were extremely popular during the 19th century, especially with wealthy barons investing… Read More »
Australian Billiards Table

The History of Australia Billiard Table

This magnificent, award-winning Australian billiard table is among the most important ever created in the vast British Empire and has an impressive royal provenance. Crafted of beautiful and highly valued Australian blackwood by master carver George Billyeald and accompanied by its… Read More »

Arburo Orchestrion Organ by Bursens and Roels

Once a fixture in bustling dance halls, cafés and fairgrounds throughout Belgium and the Netherlands in early to mid 20th century, this incredibly rare, early Orchestrion organ is a masterpiece of automated music. Crafted by the Arburo firm run by Arthur Bursens and Gustav Roels,… Read More »

Celebrating 100 Years: Bill Rau Looks Back to the Beginning

View Part 2: Offering the Best of the Best. Third-generation owner Bill Rau takes you back to the humble beginnings of M.S. Rau Antiques in 1912. As the gallery prepares to celebrate it's 100th anniversary, we reflect back on the people and principles that have helped this business thrive… Read More »

Celebrating 100 Years: Specializing in the Best of the Best

View Part 1: Bill Rau Looks Back to the Beginning As M.S. Rau Antiques approaches its 100th birthday in 2012, Bill Rau explains why this family run business has withstood the test of time. Through World Wars, natural disasters and economic ups and downs, M.S. Rau has been steadfast in… Read More »

Round Dining Table by Robert Jupe

A marvel of technical innovation and classic beauty, this wonderful round dining table was patented by Robert Jupe in 1835. When expanded, this lovely table for six is transformed into dining for eight with a simple turn. Watch as Lyndon Lasiter demonstrates the amazing mechanism and shows… Read More »

The Polyphon Automatic Disk Changer

As rare as it is fascinating, this "No. 5" disk player by the Polyphon Musikwerke in Leipzig, Germany has the ability to change between 10 disks with a simple slide of a handle. Watch and listen to this extraordinary music box and discover why these antique marvels continue to enchant… Read More »
Stunning Black Opal & Diamond Necklace

Stunning Black Opal & Diamond Necklace

Treasured for their fiery explosion of vibrant color, black opals stand among the finest of all gem stones. To find two large, exemplary stones such as those in this wonderful diamond necklace is simply remarkable. Watch as jewelry specialist Susan Lapene expounds on the beauty of this… Read More »

The Royal Ice Pail by Rundell, Bridge and Rundell

By far the greatest silver service ever created was the "Grand Service" made by Rundell, Bridge and Rundell for King George IV of England. It took approximately 10 years to complete and cost an amazing £100,000 (this is about $15 million in today's money). The great majority of this… Read More »

New Orleans Television Features M.S. Rau Antiques

M.S. Rau Antiques is featured on New Orleans Television, the city's premiere visitor television station. Take a tour of the M.S. Rau gallery, and see for yourself why this landmark antiques business is a must see for visitors to New Orleans. Read More »
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Wealth TV Features M.S. Rau Architect's Desk

Wealth TV featured M.S. Rau Antiques in a series of episodes, beginnig with a show focusing on English Antiques. Watch as Bill Rau shows you some of the finest English pieces on the market today, including this wonderful architect's desk by Gillows. Read More »

Wealth TV Features M.S. Rau Coronation Chairs

In this segment of Wealth TV's feature on English Antiques, Bill Rau shows examples of some of the finest antique furnishings on the market, including a pair of Coronation Chairs used during the Coronation of King George VI. Their simple elegance only hints at their historical significance… Read More »
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Weath TV Features Hepplewhite Sideboard

Wealth TV featured M.S. Rau Antiques in a series of episodes, beginnig with a show focusing on English Antiques. Watch as Bill Rau shows you some of the finest English pieces on the market today, including this fine Hepplewhite sideboard. Read More »
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Wealth TV Features Monumental English Billiards Table

A monumental English billiards table by J. Ashcroft and Sons of Liverpool is the focus of this Wealth TV episode, one in a series focusing on fine English furniture. Watch as Bill Rau describes this magnificent table. Read More »
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Wealth TV Features Hepplewhite Chairs

Wealth TV featured M.S. Rau Antiques in a series of episodes, beginnig with a show focusing on English Antiques. Watch as Bill Rau shows you some of the finest English pieces on the market today, including this important set of Hepplewhite chairs. Read More »
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Louis XV-Period Walnut Armoire

In 18th-century France, you were taxed on the number of closets in your home, so many people used armoires instead. Phillip Youngberg tells a little about the history of armoires and describes this magnificent Louis XV example. Read More »
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French Louis XVI Cylinder Desk

John Finnegan describes in detail this wonderful Louis XVI period bureau à cylindre, or cylinder desk, giving you a glimpse of the beauty of fine 18th-century French furniture. The desk exhibits an exceptional blend of restrained, neo-classical elements and quality craftsmanship and is… Read More »
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The Linke Grand Regulator Clock

Bill Rau discusses what is widely considered to be one of the finest sculptural clocks ever made. Crafted by the legendary French ebeniste Francois Linke, this amazing regulator clock is one of only six made as a collaboration between Linke and Leon Messagé for the 1904 St. Louis… Read More »
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Incredible La Primavera Automaton Clock

See this whimsical clock in action. A resplendent arrangement of precious gems and metals comprise this outstanding Italian clock with whimsical insects animated to Antonio Vivaldi's Spring. Ladybugs, butterflies and bees are among the colorful characters that come to life in this… Read More »
Jennings Slot Machine

The Jennings Monte Carlo Slot Machine

The Jennings Monte Carlo slot machine was a fixture in many hotels, gas stations and soda fountains in the 1940s, and for many of these they were a means of survival. Today, this is one of the rarest of the surviving slot machine models. Phillip Youngberg shows you why this wonderful… Read More »
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The Beurdeley Mechanical Desk

This superb mechanical desk by famed French ebeniste Alfred Emmanuel Louis Beurdeley is both an artistic and engineering achievement. As if the incredible inlay and exquisite bronze mounts weren't enough to distinguish this desk, turn the key for a wonderful surprise. Watch as Bill Rau… Read More »
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The Four Seasons Figurines by Meissen

In this video, Jim Cottrell shows us why Meissen can be considered among the greatest porcelain ever created. These figures, representing the Four Seasons, were first modelled in the mid 18th century, but their craftsmanship and beauty is timeless. The Four Seasons were among the most… Read More »
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Christofle Silver Plate Meat Trolley

Bill Rau describes this wonderful Christofle silver plate meat carving trolley in detail. Created by Christofle & Cie around 1890, this trolley would have been a focal point for any fine French restaurant. It remains in excellent, complete condition, retaining its trivets, burners and… Read More »
Robinson Crusoe Sideboard

The Robinson Crusoe Sideboard by Garrard Robinson

Considered one of the finest works of carved Victorian furniture, this amazing sideboard by English master Garrard Robinson tells the tale of Daniel Defoe's classic hero Robinson Crusoe. Watch as Bill Rau discusses the many fine points of this amazing work. 29-1051 Read More »
William III Mulberry Bookcase

William and Mary Mulberry Bookcase

Bill Rau presents this extraordinary William III-period bureau bookcase by the English firm of Coxed and Woster. This early piece is a masterpiece of design and cabinetmaking, boasting exquisite line and scale and a wonderful veneer stained to resemble tortoiseshell. Open the bookcase to… Read More »
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Rare French Water Wheel Clock

This rare and extraordinary French eight-day timepiece celebrates the advances made in the industrial field in the 19th century. Bill Rau shows you why this finely constructed silver and brass clock was a marvel of its time. Read More »
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The Minuet by Frederik Kaemmerer

In this sensuous work entitled The Minuet, Dutch artist Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer deftly juxtaposes the grace and gentility of polite society with its illicit and scantily disguised underpinnings. As the ladies and gentlemen dance in the foreground, the activities of the party's other… Read More »
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Edwardian Marquetry Bookcase

Bill Rau shows why this Edwardian marquetry bookcase is so spectacular. Adorned with exquisite inlays of satinwood, amboyna and fruitwoods from to to bottom, this bookcase is a masterpiece of the cabinetmaker's art. Read More »
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Alma Parens by William Bouguereau

Alma Parens by William Bouguereau is, without question, one of the most significant paintings we have ever offered in our gallery. An unparalleled composition depicting Mother France caring for her children, this painting dutifully illustrates why Bouguereau and his masterpieces are so… Read More »