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The Linke Grand Regulator Clock

Bill Rau discusses what is widely considered to be one of the finest sculptural clocks ever made. Crafted by the legendary French ebeniste Francois Linke, this amazing regulator clock is one of only six made as a collaboration between Linke and Leon Messagé for the 1904 St. Louis… Read More »
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Incredible La Primavera Automaton Clock

See this whimsical clock in action. A resplendent arrangement of precious gems and metals comprise this outstanding Italian clock with whimsical insects animated to Antonio Vivaldi's Spring. Ladybugs, butterflies and bees are among the colorful characters that come to life in this… Read More »
Jennings Slot Machine

The Jennings Monte Carlo Slot Machine

The Jennings Monte Carlo slot machine was a fixture in many hotels, gas stations and soda fountains in the 1940s, and for many of these they were a means of survival. Today, this is one of the rarest of the surviving slot machine models. Phillip Youngberg shows you why this wonderful… Read More »
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The Beurdeley Mechanical Desk

This superb mechanical desk by famed French ebeniste Alfred Emmanuel Louis Beurdeley is both an artistic and engineering achievement. As if the incredible inlay and exquisite bronze mounts weren't enough to distinguish this desk, turn the key for a wonderful surprise. Watch as Bill Rau… Read More »
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The Four Seasons Figurines by Meissen

In this video, Jim Cottrell shows us why Meissen can be considered among the greatest porcelain ever created. These figures, representing the Four Seasons, were first modelled in the mid 18th century, but their craftsmanship and beauty is timeless. The Four Seasons were among the most… Read More »
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Christofle Silver Plate Meat Trolley

Bill Rau describes this wonderful Christofle silver plate meat carving trolley in detail. Created by Christofle & Cie around 1890, this trolley would have been a focal point for any fine French restaurant. It remains in excellent, complete condition, retaining its trivets, burners and… Read More »
Robinson Crusoe Sideboard

The Robinson Crusoe Sideboard by Garrard Robinson

Considered one of the finest works of carved Victorian furniture, this amazing sideboard by English master Garrard Robinson tells the tale of Daniel Defoe's classic hero Robinson Crusoe. Watch as Bill Rau discusses the many fine points of this amazing work. 29-1051 Read More »
William III Mulberry Bookcase

William and Mary Mulberry Bookcase

Bill Rau presents this extraordinary William III-period bureau bookcase by the English firm of Coxed and Woster. This early piece is a masterpiece of design and cabinetmaking, boasting exquisite line and scale and a wonderful veneer stained to resemble tortoiseshell. Open the bookcase to… Read More »
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Rare French Water Wheel Clock

This rare and extraordinary French eight-day timepiece celebrates the advances made in the industrial field in the 19th century. Bill Rau shows you why this finely constructed silver and brass clock was a marvel of its time. Read More »
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The Minuet by Frederik Kaemmerer

In this sensuous work entitled The Minuet, Dutch artist Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer deftly juxtaposes the grace and gentility of polite society with its illicit and scantily disguised underpinnings. As the ladies and gentlemen dance in the foreground, the activities of the party's other… Read More »