Family Heirlooms: Inspiring Memories for a Century

Imagine how it feels to enter a room filled with wondrous discoveries, treasures crafted by history's greatest artisans, each with its own story to tell. Imagine the most exquisite antiques from around the world, all in one place. For 100 years, Rau Antiques has helped generations of… Read More »
Congreve Clock

English Congreve Clock by French Royal Exchange

The mechanism of this captivating Congreve-type rolling ball timepiece is considered the most frustrating, yet fascinating of timekeeping instruments. The widely recognized design was patented by Sir William Congreve in 1808, and reflects the aspiration of clockmakers to find an… Read More »
Mermod Freres Station/Showcase Cylinder Music Box

Mermod Freres Station/Showcase Cylinder Music Box

This exceptionally wonderful and quite rare antique musical automation box by the Mermod Frerès firm of Sainte-Croix, Switzerland is a marvel of music box craftsmanship. Though the window, the viewer can see a fluttering butterfly and four maidens twirling and dancing along on their… Read More »
French Industrial Clock

French Industrial Clock

This French clock is an impeccable example of the complex artistry of industrial timepieces. Industrial clocks such as this, combining precision timekeeping with mechanically-inspired figural automata, were extremely popular during the 19th century, especially with wealthy barons investing… Read More »
Australian Billiards Table

The History of Australia Billiard Table

This magnificent, award-winning Australian billiard table is among the most important ever created in the vast British Empire and has an impressive royal provenance. Crafted of beautiful and highly valued Australian blackwood by master carver George Billyeald and accompanied by its… Read More »

Arburo Orchestrion Organ by Bursens and Roels

Once a fixture in bustling dance halls, cafés and fairgrounds throughout Belgium and the Netherlands in early to mid 20th century, this incredibly rare, early Orchestrion organ is a masterpiece of automated music. Crafted by the Arburo firm run by Arthur Bursens and Gustav Roels,… Read More »

Celebrating 100 Years: Bill Rau Looks Back to the Beginning

View Part 2: Offering the Best of the Best. Third-generation owner Bill Rau takes you back to the humble beginnings of M.S. Rau Antiques in 1912. As the gallery prepares to celebrate it's 100th anniversary, we reflect back on the people and principles that have helped this business thrive… Read More »

Celebrating 100 Years: Specializing in the Best of the Best

View Part 1: Bill Rau Looks Back to the Beginning As M.S. Rau Antiques approaches its 100th birthday in 2012, Bill Rau explains why this family run business has withstood the test of time. Through World Wars, natural disasters and economic ups and downs, M.S. Rau has been steadfast in… Read More »
Round Dining Table by Robert Jupe

Round Dining Table by Robert Jupe

A marvel of technical innovation and classic beauty, this wonderful round dining table was patented by Robert Jupe in 1835. When expanded, this lovely table for six is transformed into dining for eight with a simple turn. Watch as Lyndon Lasiter demonstrates the amazing mechanism and shows… Read More »
The Polyphon Automatic Disk Changer

The Polyphon Automatic Disk Changer

As rare as it is fascinating, this "No. 5" disk player by the Polyphon Musikwerke in Leipzig, Germany has the ability to change between 10 disks with a simple slide of a handle. Watch and listen to this extraordinary music box and discover why these antique marvels continue to enchant… Read More »