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Collecting Antique Globes

The oldest known terrestrial globe was created in 1492, when Spanish and Portuguese explorers pioneered the circumnavigation of the world. For many years, globes were precious and available only to Kings and nobility. Expensive and challenging to produce, they were held in the highest… Read More »
French Barometer

How's the Weather? A Brief History of Antique Barometers

If only we could see into the future...When it comes to the weather, the barometer may be the closest thing we have to a crystal ball. This remarkable device is used to measure atmospheric pressure, and those changes in pressure indicate a change in the weather. Today, weather stations… Read More »
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Collecting Medical Antiques

When I was first asked to write this article, I was just recovering from a bout with the flu. And though my desk drawer was well stocked with remedies, my thoughts turned to what sort of "cures" my ancestors might have endured.Medical convention of the 18th century might have… Read More »