Embroidered Burmese tapestries. Kalagas were orginally developed in Burma (now Myanmar) at the Mandalay court (1850-1885) to serve as wall hangings, curtains, room partitions, coffin covers and theatre backdrops. These traditional Burmese tapestries depicted scenes from various legends as well as events of religious importance.


(china clay) - A fine white granite clay used in hard-paste porcelain.

Kindjal Dagger

A Russian dagger used as both a side arm and fashion accessory, often decorated with niello inlay, gold gilt, silver, ivory or cloisonné. The kindjal's broad, double-edged blade was well suited as a close combat weapon.


A Brazilian wood, also called violet wood from the color of its markings, used in fine cabinetwork. Given its name because it was preferred by the kings of France in the 18th century.

Kneehole desk

Desk with a solid lower portion but with an opening for the knees of a person seated at it.


A medieval drinking vessel modeled after a Viking boat, represents "the vessel of life" and was often used in formal ceremonies.

KPM Porcelain Paintings

Few other mediums afford artists the expression of such luminous beauty than porcelain. The smooth, cool surface gives paintings an almost translucent quality, as thought the light is refelcted from within. KPM porcelain represents the crème de la crème of this art form and signed pieces are highly sought after and rare.