Decorative Canes

Decorative Canes

The decorative canes available to collectors today are those hailing primarily from the second half of the 19th century and into the 1920s. Most decorative canes have a plain shaft with a decorative handle crafted from a variety of materials. Silver handles were widely produced during this… Read More »
Folk Art Cane Video

Folk Art Canes

Folk art canes, unlike their more formal counterparts, by definition were made by single, often untrained artisans. There purpose was to cast attention on the creator not the carrier; they were an expression of the artists skill and personality and can be distinguished from formal canes in… Read More »
System Canes

Systems Canes

System canes are the most highly collected types of canes and there are literally thousands of types from which to choose. A system cane is one that has a dual purpose or hidden meaning or function. These canes were used in much the same way as we use a wallet or a purse today and wealthy… Read More »
Weapons Canes

Weapons Cane

Weapons canes present the more sinister side of the system cane and often carry the highest price tags. They are among the most complex of canes as they were skillfully crafted to conceal a host of deadly weapons. Seemingly innocuous and plain in demeanor with little embellishment, these… Read More »