Paul Revere Teapot

Paul Revere...The American Patriot

Born in 1734 to a Huguenot silversmith, Paul Revere's patriotism and his contribution to the American decorative arts is of inestimable value. He was immortalized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere which tells of how he heroically rode through the… Read More »
Matthew Boulton Silver Candelabra

The Ingenuity of Matthew Boulton

Without question, the most prominent of the Sheffield Plate manufacturers is English inventor and entrepreneur Matthew Boulton (1728-1809), credited as being one of the first entrepreneurs to truly realize the implications of serving the middle class with mass-produced items. For more than… Read More »
Creamware Leech Jar

Collecting Medical Antiques

When I was first asked to write this article, I was just recovering from a bout with the flu. And though my desk drawer was well stocked with remedies, my thoughts turned to what sort of "cures" my ancestors might have endured.Medical convention of the 18th century might have… Read More »
Meissen Porcelain

Meissen: The Allure of Continental Porcelain

Secrecy. Deceit. Imprisonment. The stuff of spy thrillers and international intrigue. True. But they are also words that can be used to describe the early discovery and development of porcelain in Europe.These beautiful and delicate icons that adorn our homes were once the objects of… Read More »
Cigar Store Indian

The Renaissance of the Cigar

Dinner parties center around them. Magazines and books are written about them. Make no mistake, that pungent, sweet aroma filling the air is exactly what you think it is. The cigar is back.For decades, staunch cigar lovers have endured harsh criticism and have been ostracized from public… Read More »
Sheffield Silver

The Allure of Sheffield Silver

Two hundred and fifty years ago, Sheffield Plate offered consumers a more affordable alternative to sterling silver. Today, these early works of silver plate often command as high or sometimes higher prices than their sterling counterparts. The reason is simple, collectors recognize the… Read More »

Upgrading Your Collection

"You will almost certainly run out of room before you run out of money."Most young collectors, and even the seasoned veterans, look incredulous when they hear this for the first time. Surprising as it may seem, in most cases, this statement is 100 percent true.Cabinets will… Read More »
Hester Bateman Hallmark

Understanding Hallmarks

For hundreds of years, hallmarks have been used throughout Great Britain to identify, date and grade silver, plate, gold and platinum. You might say it's one of the world's oldest forms of consumer protection. For collectors of English sterling, knowledge of the different types of British… Read More »
Belleek Tea Set

From Famine to Fortune...A Brief History of Belleek

Belleek is nestled in an area of breathtaking beauty known as the County Fermanagh. The tiny town is most famous, however, for the beauty of its porcelain which has been heralded as the finest, thinnest ever made. Today, collectors around the world, seek out pieces from this legendary… Read More »
Tureen by Paul de Lamerie

The Great Georgian Silversmiths

The term Georgian Silver is one most collectors are familiar with, though it is one that is quite broad in scope, ranging from 1714 and the reign of George I through 1830, ending with the reign of George IV. It is doubtful that when a young King George I ascended the throne in 1714 that… Read More »