Ning Zhao Ji Chinese Export Silver Centerpiece

Chinese Export Silver: Where East Meets West

Late in the 18th century, the export of silver from China to the West began to rival the tremendous export industry of Chinese porcelain. With an influx of trade between China and the West, as well as tourists flooding the region, the demand for these one-of-a-kind silver pieces increased… Read More »

An American Legend: The Incredible Silver of Tiffany & Co.

Few companies in American history bear the distinction of being synonymous with elegance, style and refinement. Tiffany & Co. is one of those companies whose very name conjures up images of opulence, wealth and good taste. And, while their mark on the history of decorative arts is… Read More »
Walking Stick with Faberge Jeweled Amber Handle

Imperial Splendor: The works of Peter Carl Fabergé

The public's appreciation and fascination with the works of Fabergé have continued unabated for more than 100 years. Born in 1846 to a modest jeweler of French Huguenot decent, Peter Carl Fabergé lived his life against the backdrop of one of the most powerful and glittering… Read More »
The Incredibly Rare Double DeLuxe Violano Virtuoso

The Double Deluxe Violano Virtuoso

The spectacular Double DeLuxe Violano Virtuoso, created by the Mills Novelty Company, is an important and extremely rare example of American musical automata, featuring not one, but two brilliantly tuned violins. Considered among the finest musical instruments ever made, the “Double… Read More »

The Grand Tour

In order to experience the unique qualities of a variety of artistic and cultural experiences it is necessary to leave the familiar and embark on adventure. No cultural phenomenon makes this more apparent than the Grand Tour, a tour throughout Europe that became de rigueur for young… Read More »
Hawkes Cut Glass Panel Pattern Pitcher

American Brilliance—The History of American Brilliant Period Cut Glass

The 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia marked the beginning of a new era in American decorative arts history. Our country had proven it was strong enough to face the challenges of a fledgling nation and after 100 years, was just beginning to form its own identity. A major… Read More »
Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." —Sir Winston ChurchillIf ever any one individual could define an era, could embody the thoughts and feelings of an entire nation, one of the strongest… Read More »
A wonderfully nostalgic and rare Hammond No. 12 typewriter by the Hammond Typewriter Company of New York. This model was the first to allow the user to see what was being typed as it was typed.

History of Office Machinery

by Daniele Gair We all know that offices can be noisy places. From phones ringing to copiers copying, the 21st-century office is alive with the sound of machinery. It's hard to believe that this is a relatively new development. Although the office as an entity has been around for… Read More »
Louis Comfort Tiffany's iconic windows were so detailed they were often referred to as

America’s Artistic Pioneer–Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany is internationally recognized as a master of the American decorative arts. Considered to be the driving force behind the Art Nouveau style in America, Tiffany worked with nearly every decorative medium imaginable, even serving as the first Design Director for his… Read More »
This exceptional chandelier by Baccarat features opaline glass, cut crystal and ornate doré bronze. Circa 1850

Let There Be Light: Choosing the Right Antique Chandelier

by Bill Rau Few things command a room and evoke a sense of splendor quite like a great chandelier. For centuries these magnificent crystal, bronze and colored glass creations have served as bellwethers of wealth and status, adorning the great halls and dining rooms of Europe and all far… Read More »