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English King Flatware Service

Tiffany & Co. English King Silver Flatware Service 664 Pieces

This complete and monumental 664-piece Tiffany & Co. silver flatware set for 24 is crafted in the outstanding English King pattern and includes a full array of place and serving pieces, including rarities such as orange spoons and knives, and a cheese server, each one adorned with this… Read More »
 Tiffany & Co. Silver Chrysanthemum Flatware

Tiffany & Co. Silver Chrysanthemum Flatware Service 207 Pieces

This exceptional 207-piece antique Tiffany & Co. sterling silver flatware service for 12 is crafted in the highly desirable Chrysanthemum pattern. Introduced in 1878 and patented in 1880, the Chrysanthemum pattern is considered among Tiffany's most beautiful and luxurious designs. The… Read More »
Silver and Jeweled Automaton Nef

Silver and Jeweled Automaton Nef

Both a jeweled work of art and a mechanical masterpiece, this silver automaton nef is a one-of-a-kind objet d'art. At once breathtakingly beautiful, this majestic ship is intricate beyond compare in a dazzling display of silver workmanship. Crafted in the form of an exotic, Middle Eastern… Read More »
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The Royal Ice Pail by Rundell, Bridge and Rundell

By far the greatest silver service ever created was the "Grand Service" made by Rundell, Bridge and Rundell for King George IV of England. It took approximately 10 years to complete and cost an amazing £100,000 (this is about $15 million in today's money). The great majority of this… Read More »
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Christofle Silver Plate Meat Trolley

Bill Rau describes this wonderful Christofle silver plate meat carving trolley in detail. Created by Christofle & Cie around 1890, this trolley would have been a focal point for any fine French restaurant. It remains in excellent, complete condition, retaining its trivets, burners and… Read More »