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The Linke Grand Regulator Clock

Bill Rau discusses what is widely considered to be one of the finest sculptural clocks ever made. Crafted by the legendary French ebeniste Francois Linke, this amazing regulator clock is one of only six made as a collaboration between Linke and Leon Messagé for the 1904 St. Louis… Read More »
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Incredible La Primavera Automaton Clock

See this whimsical clock in action. A resplendent arrangement of precious gems and metals comprise this outstanding Italian clock with whimsical insects animated to Antonio Vivaldi's Spring. Ladybugs, butterflies and bees are among the colorful characters that come to life in this… Read More »
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Rare French Water Wheel Clock

This rare and extraordinary French eight-day timepiece celebrates the advances made in the industrial field in the 19th century. Bill Rau shows you why this finely constructed silver and brass clock was a marvel of its time. Read More »